Writing Again

David Guitarmerry-go-round.jpgmerry-go-round.jpgWhile going through boxes of junk in our garage and basement over the last week I came across several pages of my old writings from my college and newspaper days. Years ago my plan was to be a writer. Well I got married, got a job doing something else, and life sort of left that dream behind. Ever since my son was born a couple years ago and I quit my office job to stay home with him, I’ve been thinking about getting back to writing. Going through my old papers reminded me how much I enjoyed it, and I realized just how much I missed it. My sister-in-law set up a blog of her own recently, and reading it inspired me to start my own as an outlet for my writing. (Debb, I hope you don’t think I’m trying to be a copycat.) This is my first attempt in a long time to write for a public audience. I may be a little rusty, but I’m just going to talk about life as a wife, mom, homemaker and christian woman and hope that it brings some encouragement or laughter to those who read it.



One Response to “Writing Again”

  1. acupofjoy Says:


    I’m so glad you are writing again! NO, I don not think you are a copycat. This blogging is a great creative writing outlet. I always enjoy your writing! I’m so glad you are doing this! Keep you the good work!


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