Thank You!

This is just a quick thank you to my thoughtful husband who surprised me the other night with a wireless router and adapter so that I can access the Internet and blog upstairs on my laptop. Our main computer that is hooked up to the DSL is in the basement. I made a playroom down there for my son, but he always wants to be upstairs. I didn’t always have an opportunity to use the computer and when I did it was tricky to keep track of my mischievous toddler. A week ago I was on-line downstairs and my son was down there with me watching TV, or so I thought until he walked over to me with a piece of pizza in his hand. He had snuck upstairs and gotten the left overs from the night before out of the fridge. He ate one piece of the pizza and fed the rest of the eight remaining slices to our two dogs. Our dogs were fat and happy the rest of the day. So to my husband, thank you and I love you!

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