Hall-O-Ween Reflections

If you can put together a costume solely from the contents of your wardrobe, it’s time to rethink your style.

Is it O.K. to eat some of your kid’s trick-or-treating candy? Absolutely! You paid for that stupid SpongeBob costume, didn’t you?

When did Hall-O-Ween become an excuse for otherwise modest women to go out of the house dressed suggestively?

Worse yet, what’s wrong with the people who let their daughters wear costumes like that? If you wouldn’t normally you let your nine-year-old go around the neighborhood knocking on strangers’ doors dressed like Britney Spears, don’t do it on Hall-O-Ween either.

What will happen if you answer the door and choose trick over treat this year?

If you were thinking of handing out popcorn balls and apples this year, do the kids in your neighborhood a favor and go buy some candy bars.

Has anyone ever really found a needle in their candy?

How did they trick us into believing Candy Corn actually tastes good?

Bobbing for apples in a world with incurable Staph infections? No thanks!


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