Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Well it’s Thanksgiving night here. I had so much to eat I don’t think I can move. I took it easy at lunch and had a few bites of pie in the afternoon, but the leftovers at supper did me in. Oh, well. I have four weeks to go back to my diet before the Christmas gorge. (I had lost 4 pounds in the last few weeks counting calories and exercising. I think I packed it all back on today.)

My son was mainly interested in the yummy rolls Grandma Stout brought. And when we weren’t looking he ate a couple spoonful of straight butter. If he has clogged arteries when he’s 60, there’s the reason. He did have some turkey and a few bites of other things. And lots of cookies. More than he needed. After lunch he ran around the house in circles yelling and screaming. A reaction to a combination of too many carbs and too many grandparents. Grandparent overload I call it.

I’m exhausted from four days of cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking. It was nice to sit down to dinner this afternoon and finally relax. I decided that Thanksgiving is why we get Mother’s Day. After all this, I deserve a card, flowers and breakfast in bed once a year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the planning and cooking part, but could do with out the cleaning. And I love having my family come to our home to share the day with us. 

Who invented the cranberry sauce that retains the shape of its tin can packaging? It looks like it came over on the Mayflower. I was stunned when after a life time of that jellied stuff, I learned about five years ago that you could make your own cranberry sauce that actually looked, smelled and tasted like real cranberries. Who knew? I just always assumed the canned stuff was all there was.

I am thankful for a lot of things this year, but most of all for my husband and my son who bring me so much joy and always give me something to laugh and smile about.

Well, it’s on to Christmas now. Four and a half weeks left to shop!  

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