Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way

christmasfinal.gifchristmasfinal.gif“We need a little Christmas, right this very minute. We need a little Christmas Now!” The song says it perfectly. Whether it’s been a long, hard year or one filled with many blessings, we can all use a little Christmas. The Thanksgiving turkey is now leftovers forgotten in the back of the fridge and we shopped our feet off on Black Friday. Now It’s time to trim the house, light the fire and heat up the hot chocolate. It doesn’t matter if you have a little or you have a lot, we can all celebrate the birth of Christ with our loved ones. Remember it’s not how much you give or get that matters, it’s the love you share with each other this time of year.

I want to celebrate this time of year with you too, so for each of the next four weeks before Christmas I’m having a Christmas Give-A-Way contest. The first contest will start Monday, November 26th and go through Dec. 2nd. Each day I will write a post about Christmas. It may be an entertaining idea, decorating tip or just some thoughts about the holiday season. Somewhere in the post will be a word of the day. Find all seven words, and at the end of the week send an email listing all the words to The email must be received by midnight Dec. 3rd. Your name will go into a drawing for this week’s prize, a set of gingerbread boy and girl Christmas ornaments. Click the Best Christmas Ever link in the sidebar for more info.

So join me as we make this the Best Christmas Ever for ourselves, our family and our friends. Check back Monday for the first post.


One Response to “Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way”

  1. acupofjoy Says:

    G’Day! I’m going to post about this giveaway on my blog! 🙂 I’m excited to see how this contest goes for you. Too bad I’m related! Sure looks like fun!!! Cheers!

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