Christmas Cards – BCE Contest Post #1


Call your mom and get old Aunt Irene’s address, buy some stamps and shop for the perfect box of Yuletide greetings. It’s time to send out Christmas cards. Let’s get it done before shopping, wrapping and celebrating takes up all our time.

A time honored tradition, the Christmas Card has waned in popularity in recent years as handwritten correspondence has dwindled thanks to busy lives and a little thing called the computer. But what fun it is to receive those colorful, cheerful holiday hellos from friends and family in the mail. I remember as a kid our door frame between the entry way and the kitchen was lined with Christmas cards, and a basket on the floor held the overflow. It was always entertaining to look at the pretty pictures and read the pithy sayings. But if you want to receive, you must also give. If you haven’t sent them out before, or haven’t done it in a few years, give it a try. You just may find your own mailbox (contest word of the day #1 is Mailbox) overflowing with Christmas cheer.

A Brief History of the Christmas Card

The Christmas card was invented by Sir Henry Cole in England in 1843. At the time people sent calling cards with hand written messages to friends and family during the Christmas season. Cole didn’t have time that year to pen the numerous greetings he needed to send. He asked artist John Calcott Horsley to create a card for him. The card pictured a family enjoying Christmas festivities and said, “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” (Sources:  and )


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