God Does Answer Prayer

I just want to say congratulations to my husband who got a promotion at work. He started his new position today, and was very excited about it when he left for work this morning. He’s been working really hard lately, and I want him to know I appreciate all he does to provide for our family and that I’m very proud of him.

I also want to give thanks to the Lord for my husband’s job. Until about three months ago he was self-employed. The economy where we live is sluggish, and it was affecting his business. The income was becoming unreliable, and he decided to go back out into the mainstream workforce. He took a job working on a factory floor to help make ends meet. Now he’s moved into the office, and has opportunity for more advancement in the future. This is such a huge answer to prayer, especially the affordable family health insurance that comes with the job. I know a lot of people out there struggle with paying for their health care. My son had health coverage, but my husband and I had been without since I quite my job to stay home with my son. We just couldn’t afford the high price of private health insurance. I am also grateful for the christian couple that owns the company my husband works for.

We had some difficult times over the last few years. Sometimes it seemed like good news was few and far between. But God does hear our prayers and answers them. Not always when we want or how we want or expect, but he does answer. I am rejoicing today for his answer to my prayer that he provide for my family. Thank you God!


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