Best Christmas Ever Contest Week 1 Extended – Stop Slacking Off!

Hey, my stats show that you clicked through and read about the Best Christmas Ever Contest. What, no one wants to win free Christmas ornaments? I guess it was too difficult a task to ask you to read seven posts, find seven key words, list them in an email, and send it off to me. No one, not a single person, completed the week one task to be entered in the first drawing for the gingerbread man ornaments. So I am going to give you all one more chance. All you have to do is find one Best Christmas Ever key word in one of the seven posts from last week, they’re labeled and numbered, the key words are in parenthesis and clearly pointed out, and email it to me at I will give you until midnight this Wednesday, December 5th. Friends, family, non-bloggers, strangers and strange people are all welcome to join in. Please participate. I am just dying to give something away. It’s not a gimmick. They’re free, I’m paying for the shipping. I’m not going to use your email to send you spam, or sell it to anyone else who wants to send you spam. I’m just a nice person who wants to give you something free. So start sending those emails! While you’re here leave a comment about anything, nonsense if you have nothing to say, so you can be entered in week two’s drawing for a pair of Raggedy Ann and Andy ornaments.


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One Response to “Best Christmas Ever Contest Week 1 Extended – Stop Slacking Off!”

  1. acupofjoy Says:

    Enter me! Enter me!

    Sounds like such fun!

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