Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way Contest Week 3

img00032.jpgThis week I’m giving away a pair of Snowman Christmas ornaments. To be entered for a chance to win leave a comment about the best Christmas present you ever received. I can narrow it down to two, both from my husband. The first year we were married he bought me an expensive leather coat for Christmas. Being newlyweds without a lot of money, it seemed very extravagant at the time. It made me feel special every time I wore it. It doesn’t really fit anymore and is pretty worn after 10 years, but it still hangs in our coat closet. Usually I don’t hold on to things for sentimental reasons, but I can’t bring myself to part with it. The other favorite gift he gave me was my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. A kitchen appliance seems unromantic, I know. I wanted one for a long time, but thought they just cost way too much, so I stuck with my little hand mixer. He gave it to me the Christmas I was pregnant with our son who was born just 15 days later. I was about to embark on my new life as a SAHM, and he knew I was looking forward to being able to spend more time cooking and baking in the kitchen. I look forward to reading about your favorite gifts.


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10 Responses to “Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way Contest Week 3”

  1. Christina Says:

    My best present… WoW!!! Pop-Its from the Salvation Army, when I was a child!

  2. Angela Says:

    The best gift I ever got was a black unicorn statue.. I had wanted it for SOO long and it was a bit out of my highschool budget.. but a good friend of mine knew how badly I wanted it and he saved all his money and bought it for me. I was soo touched and he worked soo hard to get it. It is still sitting on my bedside table.. Im not sure what was better the gift or how hard i knew he worked to get it.

    I blogged you too

  3. ladonnamobile Says:

    The greatest Christmas gift we ever received was a living room full of gifts–literally–the year my father was dying of cancer.

    A wealthy woman in our community approached me that year (I was a teenager) and said, “I want to give gifts to your family but I don’t want your parents to know about it. Will you help me?” I agreed, and Christmas Eve I snuck out of the house and met her son on the corner. I was expecting a gift or two for each of us, but instead her son arrived with a car loaded with presents. This dear woman had spent thousands of dollars.

    I snuck them all into the living room while everybody slept. The next morning the kids were jumping up and down with excitement to see the flood of gifts all over the living room floor. Mom and Dad were shocked out of their minds and kept asking, “Kids! Who did this? WE didn’t do this!”

    I just feigned wide-eyed amazement like the rest of my siblings and we all declared it a “Christmas Miracle.” Mom was very upset that she would not know who to thank, however, so she painted a huge banner that ssaid, “Thank You, Santa Clause” and hung it outside our home for the next week. I made a secret phone call to this generous woman and encouraged her to drive by and see it. She did, and told me she cried all the way home.

    Long after Dad passed away, my mom would periodically ask us children, “Really–one of you MUST know who flooded our home with gifts that year! The house was locked, so one of you had to have been an accomplice!” but I kept this woman’s secret.

    Until she was dying of cancer, herself. I told mom who it was, and she called Sylvia Bierman, our secret Santa, and thanked her for her generous gifts that year. Sylvia’s passing was very hard for me; I wrote her a long letter before she died and thanked her for being our Christmas Angel.

    Now every year my husband and I take a third of our Christmas fund and give it anonymously to a needy family, in memory of Sylvia. Last year, for example, we helped a family in a nearby trailer court whose father was in jail and struggling with mental illness. That was much more fulfilling than buying the digital camera I had wanted for myself.

    Thanks to Syvia Bierman, the Christmas my father lay dying I received the greatest gift ever!

  4. Danielle Says:

    My best gift ever was a night out with the girls paid for by Dh and he stayed home with the baby! Being a SAHM, there was nothing more I needed then one night to be my “old self” and know that my baby was safe at home with DaddY!

  5. Linda Says:

    The best Christmas gift ever???????
    hmmmm……The year I recvd LA GEAR sneakers! lol Yep, I wanted and bugged my parents for MONTHS and they finally bought them for me. My eyes lit up BRIGHT AND SHINY that Christmas morning. Of course after a couple of months I had moved on to another pair of shoes! lol

  6. kitty Says:

    My best gift was a digital camera. Totally unexpected but so useful.

  7. Andrea Says:

    Hmmm…that would definitely have to be a CAMERA!! Do you know how LONG I begged my parents for a camera? haha…and I was SOOOO happy when my dream of a camera finally came true. Sigh. 🙂 It was a great Christmas!

  8. Jenny M Says:

    My best gift was our referral of our son from Korea!

  9. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    I love the snowmen! I would pass them on to my sister who collects snowmen of all types! My most favorite gift was having both of my son’s births being in late fall and enjoying those two Christmas’s with babies. Thanks for the special contest. Cindi 🙂

  10. Noreen Says:

    my best gist was a toy robot called Alphie when I was three. I loved that toy so much 🙂
    My second was a kitchen aid mixer from my husband too, I had a little handmixer and e knew I wanted one!! I make cookies for him and our girls all of the time!

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