Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way Contest #4


This is the last week for the Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way Contest. Since the winner will receive the prize after Christmas, I decided not to give a holiday themed prize this time. So this week I’m giving a way this cute set of brown and blue cotton tea towels and dish cloths. There are two of each in the pack. This prize has to do with the kitchen, so leave a comment about your favorite holiday treat to make or eat to be entered in this week’s drawing. Enter by midmight Sunday, December 23rd.

My favorite holiday treat is Puppy Chow.  No I don’t eat dog food with my eggnog. It’s that yummy stuff made with Peanut Butter, chocolate and Chex cereal.

Over low heat melt together 12 oz of chocolate chips, 1/4 Cup of margarine, and 1 Cup of peanut butter. Pour over one box of Rice Chex cereal in a large bowl. Stir until well coated. Pour mixture into a large paper bag and add in 1 1/2 Cups of powder sugar. Shake well to coat. Store in a cool place. Careful, once you start eating it you can’t stop.


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291 Responses to “Best Christmas Ever Give-A-Way Contest #4”

  1. realworldmartha Says:

    We always have to make the TJ’s- line cookie sheet with foil and place saltine crackers all over pour melted butter on top, sprinkle choc, chips and melt on top (in oven not very long) spread the chocolate evenly and refrigerate. Score them and break apart. yummy and easy!
    Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

  2. Paige Says:

    We like to make sugar cookies, cut into fun Christmas shapes and then frosting them. The kids love to decorate them, but they don’t last very long.

  3. Marilyn Says:

    I love to make ginger bread cookies. Decorating them is such a treat for my grandchildren.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Chocolate covered cherries

  5. Tonya Keener Says:

    All mine are worn with holes and stinky hehehehe I need these

  6. John Sweeney Says:

    Egg Nog rules – always has – always will!

  7. susan varney Says:

    puddings the whole family loves them

  8. Tina Rath Says:

    Rice Krispie Treats are a family tradition!

  9. Lesha Says:

    Pumpkin cookies

  10. Teresa Says:

    My kids and I love to bake chocolate chip cookies.

  11. adrienne Gordon Says:

    i love seven layer bars

  12. Elaine Rosser Says:

    Love this!

  13. Emmaline Kuebler Says:

    One word- fudge!

  14. Katherine Frazier Says:

    pizelle cookies!

  15. christopher h Says:

    real egg nog, not that stuff from the carton

  16. Tom Showers Says:

    I love to make eggnog!

  17. sonya jan Says:

    Homemade sugar cookies. The ones the kids make and look awful but are so good because you know they were made with love and the kids had a great time baking them for you!

  18. Colleen Jensen Says:

    Sugar cookies are my favorite thing to make, fun with all the shapes and toppings.

  19. Linda Moeller Says:

    We make TONS of Chex Mix.

  20. kitty Says:

    Molasses cookies are yummy.

  21. David Bertolo Says:


  22. Beverley Justice Says:

    I enjoy making fresh pound cake.

  23. Anne Says:

    We like toasting almonds (we take the skins off and spit em) in a low oven with a bit of butter and a bit of salt. We then mix them with raisins and its a great treat over the holidays. This has been passed down for years now! thanks for the contest!

  24. Veronica Jarvis Says:

    My favorite treats are Buckeyes! My mom makes them perfectly, and peanut butter and chocolate are the yummiest combination!!!

  25. Nora Scott-Platt Says:

    Homemade mint cookies that tast like girl scout mint cookies is our tradition

  26. randi oaklief Says:

    Potato Chip Candy! 2c smashed chips
    1/2 c chopped pecans
    9 ounces melted white chocolate

  27. Margaret Smith Says:

    We love Chocolate chip cookies with mint chips inside. Yummy.

  28. mindy aptecker Says:

    carrot cake

  29. Kimberly Wood Says:

    My personal All-Time favorite treat is definately Czechoslavakian Nut Rolls. My Aunt knows how to make them.I tried but didn’t have the touch that she has. I miss them as I hardly ever get to see her since we’ve all grown up. Boy, if I could only clone hers…………..

  30. Terrance Carroll Says:

    My favorite is cheesecake with fresh strawberries.

  31. Diana Lindeman Says:

    good ole chocolate chip cookies

  32. Mary Mizell Says:

    My favorite Pecan pie

  33. Stacy Says:

    I love making christmas cookies and letting all of the kids decorate them !

  34. Denise Says:

    Fudge and frosted sugar cookies.

  35. Tyra Says:

    Old fashioned stollen. A treat that brings fond memories of my grandmothers treat that she would bake for us at Christmas.

  36. Margaret Herrin Says:

    Yum–BBQ’d meatballs.

  37. Melinda Toungette Says:

    My daughter just made a hugh bowl of muddy buddy aka puppy chow.

  38. Carol Says:

    Homemade Eggnog. Fattening and delicious! It’s a tradition at our house.

  39. Linda Says:

    English Toffee is our favorite family tradition.We make batch,after batch,after batch…………………………………..

  40. Janet Says:

    My favorite holiday treats are cheese ball (easy and everyone loves) and chocolate oatmeal cookies (everyone loves).

  41. P Hafner Says:

    I love making Potato Candy. It’s so good.

  42. Pam Borgos Says:

    Our family favorite Xmas treats are homemade cookies like Recess Choclate cookies yummy and Pecan cookies with white powdered sugar. Sugar cookies and of course egg nog.

  43. Linda Ellis Says:

    poppyseed rolls

  44. Yvonne Huff Says:

    My favorite holiday treat is cheesecake.

  45. Nikki Says:

    Sugar Cookies! 🙂

  46. linda chaput Says:


  47. kathleen haas Says:

    egg nog

  48. Ellen Ring Says:

    My favorite treai are the no bake chocolate oatmeal treats, the only problem is I can’t stop eating them.

  49. Juanita Miller Says:

    The one favorite thing that my whole family likes is a candy/cookie comb.It is called “Bird Nest’It is made with pretzels,corn chexs and then you melt white chocolate and pour over the little Bird nest that you make by bunching the corn chex and pretzel in a little pile to look like bird nest.It is really good and my grandaughters like this better than candy.jackie41

  50. mrsmarshall Says:

    My mother has always made these things called Martha Washingtons. They are some kind of nougat with coconut and chopped walnuts rolled into balls, then dipped with toothpicks in melted chocolate. Her recipe makes, like, 14,856 of the things, and I’ve NEVER been a fan. My brother, however, loves them… why doesn’t she make something *I* like??? She’s playing favorites!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!!

    But I’m a grownup. I’m over it now. Mostly. 🙂

  51. Ann Marie Walker Says:

    My favorite thing to make and eat are nut cups for the holiday. We always had them every year since I was a kid.

  52. Billy Says:

    My favorite is pigs in the blanket, lil’ smoked cocktail sausages wrapped in biscuits, there’s nothing better then that for the snacking time while getting ready to open presents 🙂

  53. A. Martin Says:

    Fudge…I love fudge!

  54. Leanne Chamblee Says:

    I love oreo bon bons. Every time I serve them I get everyone wanting the recipe.

  55. cynthia Says:

    sugercookies !

  56. Heather Hart Says:

    Mexican wedding cakes and fudge

  57. Julie Says:

    I love making truffles…heavy cream and extra dark chocolate.

  58. Deborah Rosen Says:

    Rum balls.

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  60. Keren Gay Says:

    We enjoy making fruit cake. It takes abouy a week.I use a dark mixture of flour and molasses etc. lots of candied fruit and lots of good branby.

  61. Carol Lawrence Says:

    We love peanut butter fudge.

  62. Karen B Says:

    Peanutbutter date balls and fudge rule here in MN.

  63. bob keck Says:

    Baked brie in puff pastry – one savory with mushrooms and garlic, the other with some type sweet preserves like raspberry or apricot or homemade apple butter.

  64. Tia Carter Says:

    i hope i win

  65. Tari Lawson Says:

    It is so hard to pick a favorite holiday treat. One of my favorites is gingerbread. I love making and decorating gingerbread with my kids then eating our yummy treats.

  66. Belinda Says:

    Fudge . . . got to make a nice batch of that for the holidays.

  67. Valerie Furr Says:

    Red Velvet Cake so yummy.

  68. Nicole Hauck Says:

    I love the chex mix my mother makes only around the holidays!

  69. Mary Says:


  70. Vicky Boackle Says:

    chocolate chip cookies

  71. Claudia Vitello Says:

    I’m having chocolate cheesecake

  72. Susan Nielsen Says:

    Fudge, any kind.

  73. MKB Says:

    Our family’s fave holiday treat is egg nog – reall egg nog not the stuff you pour out of the carton. Yum-a-licious.

  74. sandy Says:

    cinnaon swirl cheesecake yummmers

  75. Nat Stevens Says:

    rum balls to eat

  76. Eileen Burke Says:

    Mmm I love to make butter balls, they’re so good covered in powdered sugar.

  77. Rebecca Peters Says:

    Chocolate chip cookies

  78. Sarah Says:

    My grandmom’s black bottom recipe is the best. Yum!

  79. Susan Chester Says:

    My mom makes the worlds best peanut butter fudge.

  80. Amanda Says:

    Butter gooey cake!
    I could really use some new tea towels!!

  81. Stacy Says:

    Chocolate peanut butter fudge and the famous original chex mix!

  82. Maja Meza Says:


  83. Ana Meza Says:


  84. Sonya Sparks Says:

    My favorite is peanut brittle.

  85. hazel hunt Says:


  86. Jenny M Says:

    Actually, Peanut Butter Pie-

    My Dh’s bday is just before xmas and I make this for him every year=)

  87. Andrea Says:

    I love caramel popcorn! Mmmmm.

  88. f goycochea Says:

    I love snowballs. I could eat the entire plate of them.

  89. cathi rushing Says:


  90. Diana Says:

    yummy apple berry pie.

  91. Annette Says:

    Sugar cookies.

  92. Jennifer Zidak Says:

    My favorite is the cookies my daughter and I always make. Even at 12 she still loves using all of the cookie cutters.

  93. Sharon Jones Says:

    favorite holiday treat to make or eat -always, warm tollhouse cookies!

  94. Janet Collier Says:

    egg nog for christmas of course

  95. Tammy Says:

    I love to make soda cracker candy- like english toffee! Yummm

  96. Audrey Greenberg Says:

    Wonderfull, wonderfull, Etc.


    fruitcake is my favorite

  98. patricia skinner Says:

    German Chocolate Cake!

  99. Dominique Withrow Says:

    Chocolate covered candy canes!

  100. Jason Says:

    Oatmeal cookies are my favorite thing to make and eat.

  101. valerie mabrey Says:

    rice krispie treats and chocolate buckeyes! yum!

  102. jeanette malan Says:

    bunt cake

  103. Jennifer Says:

    Breakfast strata on Christmas morning.

  104. Lisa Fosses Says:


  105. Virginia Murr Says:

    Yikes — I was already hungry, now I am sitting here contemplating all of the good food that I eat around the holidays. Let’s see: spiral ham is wonderful; peppermint cookies are delightful; peppermint ice cream is scrumptious; candy canes are always fun! I think I will have to go with peppermint cookies, though. My grandma makes them every year, and that is the one food I would freak out if I had to go without during the holidays!

  106. sherry pincus Says:

    love to win this!

  107. LAURA OWEN Says:


  108. Monique Rizzo Says:

    Holiday HIdeaways! MMMMM

  109. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    “Happy Holidays!” I love the tea towels. They match my kitchen perfectly!
    One of my most favorite holiday goody is the “Jello” cookies that my mother-in-law bakes. Please enter me in your fabulous contest. Thanks,Cindi

  110. Phyllis Green Says:

    need the towels pigs in a blanket every year

  111. Shannon Says:

    My favorite holiday treat our chex muddy buddies.
    Chex mix,peanut butter,semi sweet chocolate,vanilla,powdered sugar, and butter. Very Good.

  112. pat yamada Says:

    Please enter my name into your drawing for the great tea towels.

  113. Mya Brooks Says:

    Chocolate peppermint ice cream cake!

  114. LINDA COOL Says:

    During the time I was growing up, my mom made a candy at Holiday time, she called Summer Sausage…………it was made with dates……..and rolled out into a long sausage roll, and sliced……………so yummy, and soooo sweet……..must have been 1000 calories in every piece!!

  115. Linda Lansford Says:


  116. Vicki Wurgler Says:

    fudge and sugar cookies!!

  117. D. Says:

    cookies, cake, fudge, bars, ice cream….FOOD!

  118. Jessica Davidson Says:

    Peanut butter cookies!

  119. charline s Says:

    I love making homemade chocolate fudge and I love to eat it too.
    Thats why my hips are getting wide.LOL

  120. Angela Says:

    Fudge, and also fruitcake, a different kind that everyone likes.

  121. M.A. Says:

    Grandma’s cookies!

  122. Katelyn Says:

    Pumpkin pie!

  123. L. Spangler Says:


  124. carol brooks Says:

    On Christmas Eve my whole family, exs included,girl friends.etc. We have a brunch or dinner then makemy MOM’s special Sugar cookies. Then the grand kids mak the cookies evev better by putting their own artwork on them , we mix whatever colors they want. Usually pink, they are all hand made . They may not be as good as Moms, but love makes the the best .

  125. Frank Blados Says:

    Christmas cookies!

  126. Steve Scott Says:

    Sugar cookies

  127. Don Says:

    Those white chocolate covered pretzels!!

  128. CHANDA MEAS Says:


  129. Miranda Allen Says:

    please enter me thanks

  130. Mike Weisberg Says:

    nut horns

  131. Shirley Younger Says:


  132. Linda Says:

    Sugar cookies with lots of frosting!!!

  133. Patricia Schraier Says:

    I try to make healthy treats, even though it’s the holidays. I’m always on the lookout for low fat and healthy things that taste good.

  134. Michele Says:

    I love old-fashioned English Plum Pudding – that has no plums in it.

  135. Janice Whitaker Says:

    german balls!

  136. Kathy Scott Says:

    My mom’s recipe for sugar cookies.

  137. Felicia Shapiro Says:

    I love candy canes!

  138. Tiffany Says:

    This year for the first time I made a sweet potato cake, and it is out of this world!
    It’s basically all the ingredients of a typical made from scratch cake, but including a can of sweet potatoes and a few tablespoons of cocoa powder.
    It is sure to be a new Christmas favorite at my house!

  139. Deborah Wellenstein Says:

    We love Scottish shortbread! I make it every year.

  140. Sylvia Belle Says:

    I’m getting an urge for eggnog.

  141. Dan Smith Says:

    sugar cookies

  142. Susan Smith Says:

    pecan pie

  143. Alecia Gibson Says:

    I love all cookies!!

  144. Christi Says:

    I love the puppy chow too, but I think my favorite is divinity candy!! MMMMMMMMMM!

  145. Don Stephan Says:

    Brownies, with Vanilla Ice Cream. I only make the brownies but the combo is so good!

  146. LeAndrew W. Taylor Says:

    Peanut butter cookies with toffee!

  147. C Duran Says:

    Caramel corn – yum!

  148. Sara Says:

    Reindeer Food for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  149. Patricia Clow Says:

    Do not eat this unless it is Holiday time: My mother had a recipe for Date Nut Roll which required one to shape the candy into a log inside a clean, cotton cloth. After is is chilled, it is delicious, but sooooooooooooooo sweet!

  150. Jennifer Hedden Says:

    peanutbutter roll

  151. donna pavcik Says:

    chocolate, fruitcake, cookies, nut roll, everything sweet

  152. Jean Hupke Says:

    My moms fried dough…delish!

  153. Terri D Says:

    Rice Crispie Treats

  154. Not the Queen Says:

    Fudge. Lots and lots of fudge. With nuts or without.

  155. Jessica Harding Says:

    My mom’s Italian pizelle cookies!!

  156. Connie Keim Says:

    I make Pumpkin bread every year for the holidays

  157. Nancy Jachcik Says:

    My favorite treat to make and eat for the holidays is chocolate treasur cookies

  158. Kirsten Says:

    Thumbprint cookies with my homemade strawberry jam

  159. JoAnn Ulrich Says:

    Frosted sugar cookies!

  160. Kent Says:


  161. Jay F Says:

    Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies from a Mrs. Fields cookbook. Mmmmm.

  162. Angela Says:

    I love anything involving gingerbread! 🙂

    I blogged you too :0

  163. Valerie Bedard Says:

    My Favorite, Magic Cookie Bars! I make myself to share…

  164. Tamara Says:

    M&M cookies!

  165. Vicki Suntrup Says:

    The only time of year that I make Fantasy Fudge is Christmas so it’s a special treat and a tradition.

  166. Debbie Criss Says:

    I could use more towels, I’m always in the kitchen. I Love it.

  167. Sarah Collins Says:

    We love magic cookie bars, graham crumbs, chocolate chips and coconut!MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yum!

  168. MoonMaiden Says:

    My favorite holiday treat to eat is fruitcake 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  169. Janice Wright Says:

    I like Chex mix. I only make it this time of year.

    I would love the towels, how very handy!

  170. Jennifer Barnett Says:

    Peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses in them! YUM!

  171. Janet Fricano Says:

    Cheery pie is my favorite.

  172. Shirley Qiu Says:

    Chocolate Fudge Cake x3

  173. Sheila Wanner Says:

    My favorite it shortbread cookies with cutout Christmas figures !

  174. Kelly Thuet Says:

    Mocha button cookies. Chocolate and coffee in a cookie YUM!

  175. Barbara Says:

    I love to make deviled eggs…it’s about the only thing I can cook!!

  176. Anna Says:

    I love to make magic cookie bars too, but with marshmallows and peanut butter chips

  177. Peggy Miller Says:


  178. Nancy Bird Says:

    Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars – yummy!

  179. Sue Farrell Says:

    Pecan pie bars with whipped cream

  180. Bob Hickerson Says:

    Jam Cake

  181. Tami Teneuli Says:

    I always loved making the easy baking soda receipe for peanut brittle…. But can never forget the time I accidently made a plum ‘doormat’ when I couldn’t get the liquid to harden!!!

  182. Caryn Says:

    Pumpkin spice bread!

  183. Leslie Says:

    sugar Cookies

  184. Monique I. Says:

    Plum pudding w/warm Custard, oh yummy!

  185. Jill Miller Says:

    Sausage balls….yumm!

  186. Tiffany G Says:

    Making Sugar Christmas cookies with the kids

  187. Michelle Rosborough Says:

    rice krispies treats

  188. Dodo O Says:

    Pumpkin pie 🙂

  189. Ruby Says:

    Cookies! All kinds…chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin, etc.

  190. Jessica Evans Says:

    my favorite holiday treat to make is hot cocoa!

  191. Carol Drury Says:

    real scotish short bread!!!

  192. Alma Says:

    Ooey Goey Butter Cake

  193. john vogtman Says:

    carrot cake with cream cheese icing. yum

  194. Pam Morse Says:

    I love making Christmas cookies!

  195. Rose Says:

    Wonderful gift for Christmas.

    God Bless
    Good Luck to everyone

    Merry Christmas
    Happy New Year to all

  196. Crystal Donahue Says:

    My Fav treat is Banana bread

  197. Clifton Wade Says:

    I love fruit cakes – either the brought ones!

  198. Alicia Says:

    I want to visit Russia.

  199. Clarissa Says:


  200. Bee Says:

    I love those Peak Freans (I almost typed Peak Freaks!) cookies that we have over the holidays. I know, they’re loaded with sugar, but once a year is ok, right? 🙂

  201. Gregory Hill Says:


  202. Linda Says:

    My family loves peanut butter pie. Easy to make and sooo rich. It’s delicious.

  203. Carla Spence Says:

    Coconut macaroons

  204. Deanna Thompson Says:

    My homemade fudge with walnuts–YUM!

  205. Christina Almond Says:

    I love peanut butter fudge!! YUM!

  206. Leigh Says:

    Gingerbread men 🙂

  207. Elaine Says:

    Mince pies !

  208. Sarah Pauzauskie Says:

    My favorite holiday treat is almond bark pretzels! 🙂

  209. Erica G Says:

    homemade apple pie!

  210. Mitch Brevard Says:


  211. DANNY JIMENEZ Says:

    pecan pies

  212. Heather Slater Says:

    Egg nog!

  213. Miles Edwin Carter Says:

    Jesus Birthday {;o)

  214. Jeanine Price Says:

    Pecan pie!

  215. A. Ashley Says:

    The nice lady I babysit for makes really kick-ass fudge so I look forward to her bringing that battered green tin, to my house. When that green tin makes an means she’s been up all night making fudge.

  216. William Wright Jr. Says:

    this would be a great gift for my mom 🙂

  217. veronica Says:

    chex mix

  218. Bobbye Says:

    martha washington balls are the best!

  219. Donna W Says:

    You can’t go wrong with fudge! We love it!

  220. crystal allen Says:

    mississippi mud is my favorite holiday treat to eat! thank you for the contest.

  221. Jim Cincinello Says:

    Fresh baked Apple Pie is Great.

  222. MARILOUISE K Says:

    Pecan tassies, delightful little pecan pies

  223. James Murray Says:

    Scottish short bread

  224. Gina Says:

    Egg nog!

  225. julie lawrence Says:

    Popcorn balls

  226. John Marshall Says:


  227. Emmy T Says:

    Roll-ups, roast beef spread with minced onion, chedder cheese, and cream cheese.

  228. Angela Thompson Says:

    Merry christmas

  229. Kristen Hendricks Says:

    My favorite holiday treats to eat are Hershey’s kisses especially since they are wrapped in holiday colors at this time of year. I like eating and opening them a lot.

  230. Phyllis LaCroix Says:

    We make monster cookies, 12 dozen. We bake cookies all day.
    It takes a lot of hands to mix the dough.

  231. Ed Nemmers Says:

    family decorateed ( and messy ) Spritz cookies

  232. Kenneth Wade Says:

    Rye Bread fresh out of the oven !!!

  233. Darlene Harris Says:

    The gingerbread, and other holiday cookies. The Pecan pie also is a great ending to a wonderful meal.

  234. Brittany Rebello Says:

    I like to make homeade cookies with frosting!

  235. Amanda Dickerson Says:

    I know a lot of people make fun of it but I love fruitcakes, especially homemade ones!

  236. Angela Palmer Says:

    Puppy Chow is great, but I love Chocolate Truffles. As a kid I liked Danish Wedding Cake. I remember we only got it at Christmas and I haven’t seen it in years.

  237. Susan P Says:

    please enter me, thanks

  238. Karin Says:

    Every year my husband begs me to make cashew brittle. It’s his favorite and I love making it. I guess it wouldn’t be Christmas in our house without it.

  239. briana Says:

    Cranberry nut bread

  240. Phyllis Skoglund Says:

    SUGAR FREE pumpkin pie. Our treats are sugar free since the blood tests once showed high blood sugar. Diet controls our levels.

  241. Tracy Heyer Says:

    homemade fudge works for me!

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  243. Catrina Pomerleau Says:

    Sugar Cookies!

  244. nanamom63 Says:

    love making sugar cookies,every year at Christmas time my whole family call me to make them all Christmas cookies.

  245. Karen R Says:

    Spritz cookies & buckeyes. Thanks for the contest.

  246. Nina Says:

    I love my homemade fudge!

  247. Joy Venters Says:

    pecan pie

  248. Lisa G. Says:

    My favorite holiday treat is Peanut Butter Balls. They are so rich and delicious!

  249. Michelle H. Says:

    My favorite holiday treat is good quality chocolate and homemade holiday cookies.

  250. Karrie Says:

    I love eggnog and fudge

  251. das Says:

    pumpkin chocolate chip bread

  252. Tammy OHagan Says:

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    My favorite holiday treat is peanut butter pie.


    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

  253. Alecia Gibson Says:

    I’m making Puppy Chow this Christmas as well. It’s also my favorite holiday treat. I actually make it in the summer too.

  254. Patricia Mortimer Says:

    Pecan Pie! Yummy!

  255. philip halter Says:


  256. Louis Willhauck Says:

    Plum jelly bread

  257. Audrey Says:

    Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

  258. trudee Says:

    I love making xmas cookies with my four children it was such a blast this year

  259. Stephen Alexander Says:

    I hope my wife makes this recipe

  260. DLavonne Hubbard Says:

    I love fudge, but frosted sugar cookies are a close second.

  261. Kay P. Says:

    Mom’s gingerbread cookies

  262. Tina Harris Says:

    sugar cut out cookies, always fun to decorate with the children

  263. Rosalind Gutierrez Says:

    My mom and I make Norwegian Sunbakkels (a sugar cookie pressed into a tart shaped tin).

  264. P. Harmon Says:

    I make Grinch Bars/balls. They are green corn flake krispie treats (like a rice krispie treat) and sometimes we shape them like popcorn balls, and then the kids call them Grinch balls…..

  265. kathy pease Says:

    old fashioned cream puffs 🙂

  266. jen gersch Says:


  267. Racheal Baldwin Says:

    wanna win

  268. Angie P Says:

    Mmmm…I love making Snickerdoodles

  269. wiliam Says:

    i like nanimo squares!!!!!!!!!

  270. Janet M Says:

    pumpkin bars with cream cheese icing

  271. Bunnylips Says:

    Spiced mocha.

  272. Elizabeth Mays Says:

    I love making peppermint bark

  273. shawna f Says:

    anything my mom makes is the best!!

  274. Suanne Giddings Says:

    My mother’s best friend makes a fresh apple cake that’s loaded with fruit, pecans, and spices. She decorates it with candied fruit and pecan halves. It is FABULOUS!!! Fudge, chocolate chip cookies and frosted sugar cookies usually only make an appearance during the holiday season – sad but true.
    Thanks for having this contest. Happy holidays to all.

  275. Betty Curran Says:

    Our favorite is more for decoration than eating. We like to make sugar cookies with extra flour to make a very heavy texture. Color half with red food coloring. Roll strips of each color and twist a white strip with a red strip to make a “barber shop” look. Bend down one end to form a candy cane. Bake till done, but not brown. Hang on the Christmas tree.

  276. Susan Ledet Says:

    Peanut butter fudge…yummy.

  277. Joanna Smith Says:

    I love to bake, so for me it is traditional cut out Christmas cookies that I bake and decorate. I use my grandmothers recipe which is unique from traditional cut out cookies because she adds a unique secret ingredient that she only shared with my mother and I! They are absolutely sinfully delicious!

  278. Marcia Scurfield Says:

    gingerbread cookies

  279. ELSIE Says:

    My favorite holiday treat(s) to make and eat are Christmas cookies. My mom, who passed away some time ago, used to bake dozens of different varieties of cookies for weeks on end. I still try to keep that tradition going. Both of my married brothers always request a particular cooky every holiday. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  280. Teresa Manning Says:

    Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies. MMM…mmm…good!!!

  281. JONI CHADWELL Says:


  282. Carole Says:

    Poppyseed cookies!

  283. Pat Says:

    fudge with nuts is the besgt

  284. Aurelia Casson Says:

    Black walnut Fudge is my favorite Holiday treat to enjoy & eat!

  285. Rosanne Morrison Says:


  286. Sabine Blanch Says:

    Linzer cookies!

  287. Bev Says:

    I just made a big batch of homemade chocolate fudge and just have to make a batch of decorated sugar cookies every year.

  288. Jill Moore Says:

    Can’t wait to use these kitchen linens in my soon to be remodled kitchen. YEA!

  289. Amy Moore Says:

    Pink salad, buckeyes, raisin cream pie

  290. Donna Kozar Says:

    Chocolate chip

  291. Amanda Kaminskas Says:

    Sugar cookies

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