A Snowy New Year


We welcomed in the New Year with a big snow storm here.

Still working part time for the family business, my husband and I actually had to work New Year’s Eve, but thought we’d make it home in time to see the the ball drop in Time’s Square on TV. Instead we spent the last hour of 2007 slowly crawling down the Expressway trying not to slide off the snow covered roads into a ditch. It took us over an hour to make a trip that normally takes 25 minutes.

We arrived home where my in-laws were babysitting to discover that we didn’t have any electricity. The heavy, wet snow must have snapped some power lines. Fortunately we have a generator and were able to hook up a few lights and some space heaters. Once we got all the power cords ran and everything hooked up, my husband braved the snow once again and made a trip to the gas station so we could keep the generator running all night. Of course not long after he left the power came back on. Isn’t that how it always goes? We finally got to bed around 2:30 a.m. That’s probably early for you hardy New Year’s Ever party goers, but that’s really late for us. Especially since our son woke up at 6 the next morning. We spent most of the first day of 2008 tired and hazy from the lack of sleep.

It continued to snow yesterday and today. Finally this afternoon the snow stopped and I just now see blue sky breaking through the clouds. It’s beautiful. Everything is white and the trees are frosted with snow. It’s all going to melt Friday when they are predicting temperatures in the 40’s, and by next Monday it’s going to be 50 degrees! That’s pretty typical of the unpredictable winter weather here in Michigan.

I’m looking forward to this new year with new opportunities and positive changes on the horizon for our family. Here’s to a great 2008!


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