It’s Not the Size of the Woman, It’s the Size of the Handbag

Where most fashion trends are concerned, as a 30-something mom, I feel like Goldie Locks. They’re always “too” something or other. Skinny jeans are too tight. Stiletto heels are too high. Mini-dresses are too short. But there’s one current fashion trend that’s just right: The over-sized handbag.

I was looking at my purse the other day and realized that when I was in high school I would have shuddered at the thought of carrying a bag that size. There was a time that a purse large enough to actually carry everything you needed was considered an old lady handbag. Not anymore. It seems like the bigger the purse the better. Celebrities of course carry around the largest of these totes. The monstrosities can be seen on the shoulders of all the young Hollywood insiders, Lindsy Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton. I saw a photo of an Olsen twin slinging a handbag so big that if the contents inside shifted a bit to the left it would have toppled her.

For moms this means the wipes, diapers, clean shirt and Cheerios can go in the same bag as the make-up, hair brush, cell phone, camera and laptop. Don’t forget the money, keys and credit cards, though it it’s hard to find them under all that other stuff. Why juggle three bags and a couple kids when one will do? If your purse is large enough you may even be able to fit the kids in there. Well, maybe not the kids. I have to say I am disturbed by the increasing number of people I see carrying around dogs in purses at the mall. What happened to “No Dogs Allowed (Except Service Dogs)”? I guess now it’s “No Dogs Allowed (Except Service Dogs and Dogs that Fit Inside your Coach Bag)”. 

I have a medium sized purse I use most of the time, and a really big bag I switch to if the outing requires a lot of gear. It holds everything in the smaller purse and the diaper bag, and there’s still room for magazines, bottles of water and toys. If I can’t stand up straight when I’m 70 I guess I’ll know the cause. A report in the Daily Mail says that the average womans’ purse now weighs over five pounds. That’s a little less than the average weight of a newborn. Almost every woman I know would like to loose five pounds. I guess we should just clean out our bags.

This is one trend that I hope lasts a while. At least until I can leave the portable potty seat and talking Sponge-Bob doll at home.


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2 Responses to “It’s Not the Size of the Woman, It’s the Size of the Handbag”

  1. anonymom Says:

    Ha, ha! I’m actually done with the big purse trend. I found myself carrying this unweildy diaper bag monstrosity and unable to find anything in its cavernous pockets. Maybe as a second-time mom I’m confident in downsizing the extra clothing, books, toys and emergency food stash because I rarely needed all that in the past. Now I’ve got a manageable bag of medium size. (But if someone could just help me clear out the junk from the stroller basket, please let me know.)

  2. delicious mark hubery Says:

    Blog Hopper…

    Hi There. I’m blog hopping….

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