David Turns Three

We celebrated my son David’s third birthday yesterday.


He loved his cake. Cars is one of his favorite movies. He kept asking for it all afternoon and wanted to know when he could blow out the candles. The cake was chocolate on chocolate. When I ordered it they said, “Are you sure you want chocolate frosting on chocolate cake?” like it was a crazy request. Is there any other kind of cake? 


When it was finally time for the cake we had to convince him to put down his new toys and sit down so we could sing Happy Birthday, and he could blow out the candles. All that anticipation and then he didn’t even care about it anymore once he opened his presents.


After he blew out the candles he didn’t even eat his cake right away. He went back to playing with his new toys. Finally after his grandparents left he asked for a piece of cake, but I had to let him eat on the floor so he could keep playing. The towel is there to protect the carpet which is practically white. I don’t know why the original owners who built this house installed carpet that color. They could not have had any children or pets.


The aftermath of the cake. He mostly just ate the frosting, and as you can see most of it ended up on his hands and face.


Here David is opening one of his presents. It’s a toy laptop. We got it hoping he’d pound on it instead of the real one I use.


He has a future at Microsoft.


Here he is wearing his birthday crown. Our Cocker Spaniel Elizabeth is in the background. He has chocolate candy around his mouth. She’s hoping he’ll give her a piece of candy. He got the crown from his MOPS class that morning and wore it all day. He even wore it into WalMart when we went to pick up his cake. He was very proud of it.

It was a great day, and it was fun because it was the first birthday where he actually understood what was happening.


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