What’s For Dinner: Featured Recipe Green Beans & Bacon

whatsfordinnersmall.gifI get a great response to What’s for Dinner when I post about it on my main page, so for now on you’ll be able to find it here as well as on it’s own page. I started to do it mainly as an easy way to save recipes and meal ideas that I like. I also thought some people might take comfort in the fact that while I do try to cook for my family most nights, I don’t get hung up on trying to make it worthy of five-star dinning. I didn’t think anyone really cared that much about what we ate for dinner, so I was surprised to find you actually reading it. Whatever your reasons for reading, enjoy!



Homemade Mac & Cheese (This recipe was posted on What’s for Dinner page on 11/08/07)

Green Beans & Bacon

Dinner Salad

Birthday Cake (Decorated Bakery Cake)

Vanilla Ice Cream

My son’s birthday was today so I prepared his favorite foods. Hamburgers (which he pronounces “hang-ga-burger”) and mac and cheese are favorites of his three-year-old palette. Green beans are one of the few veggies he eats with out argument. The salad was strictly for the adults. A year ago he ate almost anything we gave him. Now he’s much more discerning, preferring candy and cookies to healthier fare. Of course he was so excited about his presents he barely ate anything. When the cake finally came out he was so into playing with his gifts he just blew out the candles and went back to the toys. He didn’t even take a bite. Finally, after everyone left he asked for a piece and mostly just ate the frosting, which was all over his face. (I’ll post some pictures of that later.)

It took about a half an hour to prep and make the hamburgers, mac & cheese and salad. The green beans cooked on the stove for about an hour and a half.

Total prep and cooking time= 1 1/2 hours

Total Cost= 29.00 (Most of that is the cake)

Green Beans & Bacon

An hour and a half may seem like a long time for green beans, but the key to the green beans and bacon is to cook them until any and all healthy nutrients are completely boiled away. That’s what makes them taste so good. ( I hate when you go to a fancy catered meal and they serve those hard, steamed green beans that are practically raw. Not how God intended them to eaten. )

For a small bag of frozen beans you chop half a package of raw bacon into small pieces and brown it in the bottom of the sauce pan you’re going to cook the beans in. When it’s browned add the beans and enough water to cover. Bring to a boil and then simmer for at least an hour. It will take longer if the beans are fresh, and less time if they are canned. Make sure the water doesn’t boil off. I’ve forgotten them on the stove before and ended up with blackened green beans, not tasty. The key it to get the bacon flavor absorbed into the beans. If you make these the day before then refrigerate over night and reheat the next day they taste even better.

Drop by again to see what’s for dinner tomorrow.


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