What’s for Dinner: Breakfast




Scrambled Eggs


I am not a morning person. Making coffee and putting milk and cereal in a bowl is all I can manage in the wee hours. There are a lot of delightful foods to make for breakfast, but if my family is going to enjoy them, it’s usually for dinner.

I only recently mastered the art of pancakes. I used to only make waffles because the electric waffle iron was almost fool-proof. After attempting pancakes a few times over the years, I finally figured out the key; a good cast iron skillet well oil with non-stick cooking spray, and low heat. I burned many a pancake because the pan was too hot. I’m sure a lot of you are laughing at me, thinking pancakes are simple. I don’t remember my mom ever making pancakes. She always made waffles too, so I never learned.  

Tonight I branched out a bit and make the pancakes two at a time on cast iron stove top griddle. It worked wonderfully. I ended up with the most perfectly browned, round, lovely pancakes. I surprised myself.

As soon as the pancakes finished I put them in the oven to keep warm and made the scrambled eggs on the griddle too. The eggs cooked in two minutes, and were like those wonderful scrambled eggs you get in little roadside dinners from a short order cooks.

Bacon I always make in the oven. So much easier than in a frying pan.

Check back tomorrow to see What’s for Dinner.


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