Wednesdays for Wives: Romancing the Internet

Last week I wrote about the importance of keeping romance alive in a marriage. In the context of God’s intended purpose — monogamous marriage — intimacy is supposed to be enjoyable and exciting. Not just those first years when the relationship is young and new, but for a lifetime. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner now’s a good time to have some fun igniting the passion in your marriage. Here’s a few ways to do so right from that computer you’re sitting at.

1. Email a photo of your honeymoon spot or favorite get-a-way destination with a note, “Remember when?” or “Wish I were there with you right now.”

2. Send an MP3 file of “your” song.

3. Make a slide show of photos from your life together.There are several online sites you can do this on for free. Slide and Sky Album are just a couple. You can set your show to music and even add text. Someone I know did this for her husband and it elicited tears. They call it Cry Album now.

4. Take them on a scavenger hunt around town by sending clues via text message telling them where to go. Have them pick up the trappings of a romantic meal along the way; drinks, take out food, dessert. Lead them finally to where you are waiting for a secret rendezvous.

5. Of course, the age-old love note always works. If you’re like me, you may find that you’re more eloquent when you express your true feelings with written, rather than spoken, words. Email is perhaps less personal than writing in long hand, but it’s instant. It will brighten their day to open Outlook and find your words of love. You can also send notes that are less sentimental and more, how should I say it, suggestive?

6. Send an E-greeting card. Hallmark has both free e-cards and ones that cost just a dollar or two. They have them for all occasions.

7. Shop online for accessories for your romantic evening. You can browse discreetly for lingerie, lotions and potions and other items. For an online store free of offensive material visit Covenant Spice.

8. There’s lots of advice online about improving your married love life. There are many good sites that aren’t offensive. Check out Family Life Todayand Christianity Today.

Some words of caution. If you are sending emails to your spouse to or from a work computer, keep it G-rated. Many companies scan employee email, and it’s legal for them to do so. Remember that most computers and servers keep a record of your email and internet history. Make sure the company doesn’t have a policy that disallows personal use of work computers. If you’re not supposed to use the company computer for personal use, just don’t. Not even to read this blog. It’s not worth getting fired over.

Realize anything you send or post online could be intercepted by someone other than it’s intended recipient. Love notes, terms of endearment, even a little sexy talk won’t get you into too much trouble. Don’t send or post risque photos. They may fall into the wrong hands, and before you know it you’ll be the most downloaded photo of the week on (No, I don’t know if that’s a real site. I wouldn’t be surprise if it is. I’m afraid to look. While it may be a complement, you don’t want to end up on that page.)

Get creative. Spice things up a bit tonight. Giggle together. Make his toes curl, and yours will too!


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