10 lbs in 5 Weeks Update: I Miss my 3 Best Friends, Sugar, Fat and Carbs

Oh my goodness, it’s day four of this 10 lbs in 5 weeks diet and I’m STARVING! Not starving in an I’m-actually-hungry kind of way, just in a if-you-gave-me-a-gallon-of-chocolate-ice-cream-I’d-eat-the-whole-thing-right-now-because-I-miss-the-taste-of-fat-and-sugar kind of way. Articles that I read say this feeling will go away in a few more days once my body adapts to the new diet. We’ll see. I’m not sure my brain will ever adapt to it.

The most substantial thing I had to eat yesterday was a chicken breast. Otherwise I ate mostly fruits and veggies. I finally gave in at lunch time today and ate a small bowl of chicken noodles that were left-over in the fridge. I needed some hardy carbohydrates. I exercised this morning for 25 minutes, and barely had enough energy to get through it. Something I had plenty of energy for on my former Mid-Western Comfort Food diet. I feel better now after having some real food. I’ll make up for it with a salad for dinner. (Dr. Atkins, people need somecarbs to burn so that the body can make energy.)

I’ve been trying to avoid sugar, starch and fat. Last night my son ate a bread and butter sandwich after turning down the dinner I cooked. In a rare three-year-old moment of generosity, he asked me if I wanted some. It was all I could do to refuse and say, “No, thank you.” It’s bad when bread and butter makes you salivate.

Besides running a little low on energy this morning, I feel great. I’ve slept better the last three nights since watching what I eat more carefully. Perhaps it’s true, all that processed food really does to a number on your body.

I have one more 25 minute session of exercise to get in today. It should be no problem with these noodles coursing through my blood stream.


One Response to “10 lbs in 5 Weeks Update: I Miss my 3 Best Friends, Sugar, Fat and Carbs”

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