Valentine’s Day Giveaway – VS Pure Seduction


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is the air! So’s some great smelling stuff from Victoria’s Secret that I just happen to be giving away.


This gift set includes 1.7 fluid ounce bottles of Stimulating Body Scrub, Hydrating Body Lotion, Refreshing Body Mist, and Exhilarating Body Wash all in the Pure Seduction sent. Pure Seduction is a sweet, light combination of Casaba Melon, Plum and Freesia. The set comes packaged in a Victoria Secret Make-up bag.

This contest is open to bloggers and non-bloggers. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment about how you will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. For a second bonus entry write a post on your blog about this giveaway and link back to this post. You can also add me to your blog roll for a bonus entry. You can do all three for a total of three chances to win. If you’re doing the bonus work let me know in your comment.

You have from today, February 7th, through midnight February 14th, to enter and complete the bonus work. I’ll draw a winner February 15th. Make sure you leave a way for me to contact you if you win, either your email or blog URL.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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92 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Giveaway – VS Pure Seduction”

  1. Lesha Says:

    I’m going to spend time with my boyfriend and son on Valentine’s Day. We’re going to take my son somewhere to get his pictures taken and go to a local pizza place afterwards. Just something low-key 🙂

  2. Holly Says:

    If I tell you that I don’t like Valentine’s Day, can I still enter the contest? My husband shows me in countless ways all year long that he loves me, and I try and do the same for him. It really bugs me that there is one day that is supposed to be special. All it ever does is set one up for disappointment. We’ll go out to dinner that weekend, because we love to date each other and do so a couple of times a month, not because it’s expected.

  3. Karin Says:

    Eat chocolate and watch a romantic movie!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Johannah Brookwell Says:

    With my husband, my true love — for the last 37 years!

  5. Renae Says:

    My hubby and I have $25 a piece to be creative:0) and I know I am getting a singing valentine (my daughter told me)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the gift set!

  6. Karen Says:

    My husband will be out of town on business. I’ll probably watch TV and eat popcorn with our three cats and dog.

  7. xoeskie Says:

    We’re having ‘date night’ the day before valentine’s day – to avoid the crowds. We’re going to dinner with another couple then we are going to a play. 🙂 It should be fun! I love plays!

  8. acupofjoy Says:

    I’m entering! I’m posting! And…well, you’re already added to my blogroll…That’s Three!!! Lovely stuff! I hope you get lots of traffic from my post. I will post on both of my blogs and put the word out for ya!

    I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day in Brisbane, Australia…80 degrees…sunshine…blue sky…Okay, I’ll stop rubbing it in! 🙂

    Aaron has told me that he is cooking his signature dish – Cajun Chicken – YUM! There will be candles, chocolates, and flowers (I hope) and music! It will be very nice!

    I posted here:

    and here:

  9. Kari Follett Says:

    Last year my husband surprised me with a homemade red velvet cake – he’s always full of surprised so we shall see what happens this year!!

  10. Betsy Says:

    As a family. I buy little goodies and sneak them into the kids room the night before so they can wake up to them. Hubby might have something up his sleeve!

  11. brandy w Says:

    i’m spending valentines day doing the same thing i do everyday. watching my kids and cleaning. don’t have any money to do anything. my hubby will be to busy with his work anyways.

  12. Crystal B. Says:

    My husband and I will “surprise” each other with gifts and then we will prepare a meal together and watch a romantic movie.

  13. Mama Zen Says:

    My husband will cook for me. It’s such a wonderful break!

  14. Ann Council Says:

    I will be enjoying my morning walk down the beach and will have some hot chocolate and chocolate pie when I finish my walk. This is my usual Valentine treat.

  15. Julie Sanchez Says:

    My husband are planning a weekend getaway in upper Michigan and we’ll probably just do alot of relaxing, go out to eat and definitely try to win some money at the casino!

  16. Stacey Says:

    Oh this year we are having an early lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day before my husband has to leave town for an interview in Michigan. We’ll probably get each other gifts to give that day and just do all the normal things, but earlier in the day!

  17. Kierra Says:

    Woohoo! Thanks for this giveaway! Well, my bf is visiting my city so we’ll go out to a nice restaurant for dinner, and then possibly catching a movie. Oh yeah, I have some gifts to give him too. 🙂

  18. michelle Says:

    For once my hubs is off work in the evening and it’s our 5 year anniversary so we’re going out for crab legs dinner at a nice restaurant!

  19. Danielle S Says:

    Just a quiet day at home with the Hubby and Kids!
    dansan826 at yahoo

  20. Carrie Says:

    We are going to Play Group and it is our turn to bring snack – we are thinking heart shaped iced sugar cookies! 🙂

    I do want to go out with hubby for V-day at some point, but it’s not happening on valentines day its self.

    Great giveaway

    mountainrailway at gmail dot com

    PS I blogged about this giveaway

  21. Angie Says:

    Hubby and I will most likely go to the gym on Valentine’s Day LOL We normally celebrate Valentine’s the weekend before by going to Red Lobster but I think we’ll skip that this year and have sushi instead. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

  22. Bebemiqui Says:

    We’ll be hanging out with the kids and I’ll make him a steak.

  23. anne Says:

    We will be home and I will be preparing a special dinner.

  24. joyfulnotes Says:

    For most of the day, I will be delivering singing Valentine’s with my quartet! It’s always a fun day. Either that night, or another night, my husband will probably take me out to dinner and a movie or Starbucks! 🙂 I love your blog, and I am adding you to my blogroll. I will attempt to post a link to this post when I am back in the office next week!

  25. Tara Says:

    well… sadly I am doing pretty much nothing for valentine’s day… except the normal watch my three kids and clean my house excitement. Ideally I will get to take a nap!

  26. Sarah Says:

    I think we are staying in for Valentine’s day. We usually celebrate a different night to avoid the crowds and 2 hour waits to eat. I am hoping for a date out…or Grandma taking the kids for a night. :)~
    Thanks for a chance to win! I love Vickie’s Secret!

    I have 3 contests going on right now, too~

  27. Amy Says:

    We have a nursing newborn this year for Valentine’s Day, so we will be planning our romance for after the children are in bed. Something simple: candles and a bubble bath in the jaccuzzi tub should do just fine.

  28. SJ Says:

    We are going out to dinner with two other couples, and then to a martini bar afterwards for cocktails!

  29. adonica Says:

    This year I am making a special dinner and we will be having our Valentine’s Day tradition of strawberries in champagne! Yummy!

  30. stacey moore Says:

    we will have dinner out with the kids and then just us on the weekend!! i love this bath set!! i added you to my blogroll and blogged it here:

  31. kristin Says:

    I am going to spend my time with my daughter, and boyfriend. We might go to dinner or I might make dinner at home. I’ll go blog about this now! I’ll have the post up tomorrow so come and check it out! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family!!

  32. Jenny Says:

    Working=). However, one night, we will put DS early to bed and get some papa murphys pizza and watch grumpier old men as we celebrate the anniversary of our first date

  33. Sandra Says:

    I will enjoy the peace and quiet while the kids are at school so I can pamper and prepare for an evening out with just the hubby

  34. Cindi Hoppes Says:

    This may not be the romantic idea of Valentine’s Day, but we will go to dinner with our two teenage sons! Thanks,Cindi

  35. Enzie Shahmiri Says:

    I have found your blog through My One World – One Heart Giveaway and wanted to invite you to visit my blog.

    I am having a give away of an original pen and ink drawing for my One World-One Heart Give Away

  36. Janice J Says:

    We are going out to dinner, then coming home and watch a movie!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. *Marie* Says:

    Hi, first time visitor to your blog. We will be celebrating Valentine’s day by planning our one year wedding anniversary trip!!!

    My email is located on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks for the contest!

  38. Julie R Says:

    Well, what we’re doing for Valentine’s Day is always a question. We haven’t really discussed it yet, as my husband hates the “created for commericalization” holidays. I hinted today that a local grocery store has a dozen long-stemmed roses for $18.99 on the 14th, but hubby said no. Most likely we’ll be stripping wall paper at our house we’re preparing to sell. So much for fun!

  39. Melissa Says:

    I will be celebrating valentines day loving my kids extra! My 5 year old will have a class party at school. THe hubby and I exchange cards and little trinkets also! THanks for the giveaway!

  40. Brandy Says:

    I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my hubby and kids. I will cook dinner as usual and spend a quiet night at home with them. I will also be celebrating with my class of 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds at school.

  41. Jennifer Says:

    I first will be attending my little ones preschool party, then at night will be taking my 5 year old to her dance class. After dance class we’ll let the girls open their little gifts.

  42. infinitygoods Says:

    On Valentine’s day, we often have a special dinner and watch a really good movie. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. Renee Hudson Says:

    We will be celebrating in Furnace Creek in Death Valley just lounging and golfing.

  44. Latharia Says:

    This Valentine’s Day, my sweetie & I are staying in and ordering pizza. 🙂 We usually celebrate the 15th, which is the first day we started talking to each other … with an 8 hour phone call! Please do enter me in the drawing!

  45. Teri Says:

    Cool! V-day will be low-key for us! Hubby & I will exchange cards & maybe go out to dinner…

  46. Angela Says:

    My perfect valentines day would be spent at home snuggling with my little Connor getting some sloppy baby kisses and that wrinkled up nose grin he gives me when he is really happy. Nothing in this world could top that!

    I blogged you too 🙂

  47. Bree Says:

    I’ll celebrate with my hubby and my 10 month old daughter! We’ll have family time!

  48. Jeanette Jackson Says:

    Nothing too exciting this year…just going out to dinner at our favorite restaurant

  49. Kimberly B. Says:

    Going to my belly dance class, I think! Maybe followed by chocolate and a romantic movie.

  50. Noreen Says:

    hubby will bring home some takeout and after the girls go to bed we will watch a movie rental, I know so exciting

  51. tanyetta Says:

    i’m spending valentines day with my family. can’t wait 😉

  52. Heather Says:

    While my husband is at work, my daughter and I will bake a heart shaped cake for him. Then my husband and I will probably have a dinner and a movie date (at home).

  53. Lisa O Says:

    Unfortunately my husband is traveling on biz for Valentine’s Day. Looks like my sweet two year old and I will be each other’s Valentines and have to indulge in some sweet treat to celebrate!!! Maybe another year…

  54. Mattie Says:

    We’re going to The Melting Pot tomorrow (tue) night to celebrate….Valentine’s Day in Dallas is to chaotic for us. We sit our booties at home and eat pizza (or some form of easy meal) and watch a dvd or two.

  55. Paige Says:

    I’m hosting parties at school, and probably staying in that night. I’ve also bought books for all my kids and my husband.

  56. Patti Says:

    We’re really not celebrating on Valentine’s day. We will be traveling to NY a few days later, so we are saving our fun for then!

  57. Stephanie V Says:

    I have a baby so my husband will bring home supper so I don’t have to cook.

  58. Rachie S. Says:

    put the kids to bed and snuggle with my hubby.

  59. Daphne Says:

    I will be doing the kids’ school parties thing, making sure I don’t miss aerobics, so that I can eat some chocolate that night, taking daughter to soccer practice, and spending the evening at home with hubby and kids. Sounds so exciting, I know.

  60. phxbne Says:

    Usually not much of a celebration at our house -exchange small gifts and maybe wine with dinner!

  61. phil randall Says:

    we will leave the kids at home and go out.

  62. Cheryl English Says:

    Just love Victoria Secrets products. I need something to warm me up, because right now in upstate New York, it is 9 degrees.

  63. Shannon Says:

    Well over the past year me and my boyfriend have taken care of our preemie son through many issues and he is doing great now, we will probably just be thankful that we are together with our son as a family and us as a couple as we have learned to work through this difficult time. Just saying I love you is good enough.

  64. lisalmg Says:

    We are celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family this year. We are all going out for supper and then when the kiddo’s are in bed my dear husband and I will watch Casablanca together. Thanks for the great giveaway! I blogged about you and added you to my blog roll.

  65. Shay Says:

    I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my husband and daughter. We’ll probably just have a nice quiet evening at home.

  66. Jennifer Short Says:

    I’ll be spending a nice evening at home. Maybe watching Lady and the Tramp and having spaghetti!

  67. Mary M. Says:

    A gentleman is taking me out to eat on Valentine’s Day. February is the first month I have been out with someone since my husband died several years ago.

  68. Ginny Says:

    I’m going for a thyroid biopsy Wednesday, so not sure if I will feel up to doing anything. Hopefully this weekend, we will be able to go out to eat with the kiddos 🙂

  69. Stephanie Says:

    I hope something fun…my hubby usually plans the night and gets a babysitter! Let’s hope he dosen’t forget! The kids and I always make some yummy Valentine treat!

  70. Linda Says:

    Dinner and lots of chocolate!

  71. L. Pappas Says:

    No doubt my husband will present me with a romantically heart-felt hallmark card. It never fails that these cards he picks always make me cry. Every year I ask him not to get me flowers; he never listens though and I’m presented a lovely bouquet that are at first hidden behind his back. I also get out of making dinner that day, so all in all Valentine’s Day isn’t too shabby a day at all! : )

  72. Judi Says:

    Since our busy schedules and shift work give us little time to be together we will spend it together at home over a nice dinner.

  73. Lpappas Says:

    My husband will get me a romatically heart-felt hallmark card that will undoubtedly make me cry. Every year I ask him not to get me flowers; he never listens though and I’m presented with a lovely bouquet (that he hides behind his back beforehand). I get a break from not making dinner too. So all in all Valentine’s Day isn’t too shabby a day at all! : )

  74. Karin Says:

    Working 😦

  75. Suzette Says:

    Share the love!

  76. Trista Picken Says:

    I won’t be doing anything 😦 My 2 year relationship bf and I recently broke up…. So I’m in the dumps….

  77. Leslie Sil Says:

    Hubby is taking me to Vegas for a fun filled week.

  78. Kaitlin Says:

    I am, sadly, going to be staying in after a hard, long week. But I’m going to be staying in with my boyfriend, so I can’t really complain 🙂

  79. Terri Takacs Says:

    I will make a heart shaped meatloaf with I L Y spelled out with green peppers and pink mashed potatoes as I have every year for the last 25 years of marridge!

  80. Anne Says:

    We will be having a family night, watching The Notebook (surely to bring tons of tears) but also lots of love. Hubby is going to cook!!

  81. Wanda Says:

    My bf is not working, because starting school Feb 18th and so no money and we live in seperate cities so will probally just do lots of” I love You’s” on the phone.:) Good enough for me.

  82. Romie Says:

    Hubby and I have little one taken care of for the night and we are going out to the restaurant we visit every year at this time.

  83. Chantelle Says:

    This year we will have to celebrate on the weekend since dh works at 5 am the next day but on saturday we will be going out to dinner and hopefully having “desert” at home lol

  84. Karen Daniel Says:

    We have 4 kids and no plans. 😦

  85. Emily B Says:

    I’m making a special dinner for my honey and we’re watching a movie with the fireplace on!

  86. Karen (mommy of three) Says:

    Sadly I have pneumonia, so I will probably spend the day resting in bed. But, my husband will be picking up takeout, so hopefully I will feel up to eating it! Thanks:-)

  87. terry Says:

    On valentines day my poor hubby has to work late =o(. But, when he gets home we will have candles, music, and extra special time together!! =o) We have been married 30 years, every day can be special!!

  88. Elliemae Says:

    My husband, my son & I will be celebrating a quiet Valentine’s evening at home. When our son goes to bed at 7:30…watch out…hubba, hubba:)

  89. Vicki Wurgler Says:

    nothing special, go out to eat, come home, make popcorn and watch a movie together

  90. Kari Says:

    With a 7 month old and a 16 year old at home we have such a problem doing the typical dinner and flowers… we plant “love” plants every year – this way we can look at them grow and remember our love. (unless they die… which happened this year but we don’t think that means anything… we hope. 🙂 )

  91. taryn Says:

    I went to my cake decorating class and my hubby got to watch my son. Very romantic. lol

  92. lovely azalea Says:

    This year I spent valentine’s with two of my awesome friends!

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