Wednesdays for Wives: Focus on the Good Things

wednesdaysfinal.jpgHere’s some simple advice to make your hubby happy and get you what you want, praise him. That’s right, when he does something you appreciate, make a big deal out it.

As women, and I am as guilty as they come, we are so good at criticism. We’re experts at handing out verbal punishment for bad behavior by pointing out exactly what our husbands did wrong, when, and how many times. Well, it’s time to stop dwelling on the negative. Change it up and find at least one thing every day to praise him for. Guys want to feel loved and appreciated as much as we do. They also want to feel respected.  

This strategy of praise works to your advantage too. If you reward him for doing things that make you happy, he’ll be more likely to do them again. If you just keep on complaining about the same old things, he’ll just keep on doing the same old things. I mean, really, can you think of one time nagging actually got you the results you wanted? (If it did, let me know your secret.) 

So tell him all the good things he did today. A happy, appreciated husband will make you a happy wife!


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