Cookie of the Week: Classic Sugar Cookies


I took a chance and tried a new sugar cookie recipe. I loved it! It made the perfect dough for rolling and cutting and it baked beautifully. They’re pretty tasty too.

Classic Sugar Cookie Recipe

1 cup butter flavored Criscosgrc.jpg

1 1/2 cups granulated sugar

1/2 cup brown sugar

2 tbs milk

3 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

4 to 5 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1 1/2 tsp cream of tarter

1/2 tsp salt

Cream together shortening and sugars. Add milk. Beat in eggs one at a time. Add vanilla.

Combine flour, baking soda, cream of tarter, and salt in a separate bowl. Add to shortening mixture. Beat at low speed until well combined. Chill 1 hour before rolling.

Heat oven to 350. Roll out one-third of dough at a time to 1/4 inch thickness on a floured surface. Bake 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet for 5 to 6 minutes.

This recipe is from The Cookie Bible.

I cut out flowers since spring is coming in two days. I attempted to decorate my cookies with Royal Icing using the flooding technique. This is only the second time I’ve tried this, and I really don’t know what I’m doing. I used a basic Royal Icing Recipe:frfc.jpg

2 Cups Powdered Sugar

1 tbs water

1 tsp vanilla

2 tbs milk

I never seem to get the constancy right. I think the icing I used to pipe the outline around my cookies was too thick. I could barely squeeze it out of the pastry bag. I also think I made have needed a finer tip. The icing I used to flood the cookies was too thin because it ran right over the outline and down the sides of the cookies. They still taste good even if they don’t look that good. I’ll keep practicing. Anybody have tips about using Royal Icing? I’d love to hear them.

Join me in baking homemade cookies for your family. Blog about it, link back here, and sign the Mr. Linky. Share recipes and put all those fancy kitchen gadgets you keep collecting to good use!


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