Girl Talk: New Glasses and Cute Dresses


So I have two things for Girl Talk this week. First I’m going to do a little show and tell and talk shamelessly about myself.

Honey Can you Turn that Down? The House is on Fire!

This is what I look like when I have my contacts in.


But I rarely wear my contacts now. There was a time I wouldn’t be seen in public with my glasses on. I still had silly adolescent insecurities about being a four-eyes. Motherhood changed that.

All sorts of strange things happen to you after giving birth. All you moms out there know what I’m talking about. And it’s more than just your feet growing a whole shoe size. I wore contacts all most every day for 15 years with out any problems before my son was born. But now they get so uncomfortable after an hour or two that I only wear them for special occasions. How being pregnant caused that I can not explain. But it did.

Well, I got new glasses last week, because my old ones had been pulverized by my son so many times that the lenses wouldn’t stay in anymore no matter how tight the screws were.

These are my old glasses.


These are my new glasses.


When I came home from the eye doctor Saturday my husband and son were watching an NCAA playoff game. I was pretty excited about my stylish new glasses, hoping they made me look intelligent, hip and interesting rather than old and boring. I personally think there’s quite a bit of difference between the old and new frames.  However neither my husband or son noticed! I was all ready for compliments. All I got was, “What’s there to eat?” When the game ended I asked, “Notice anything different?” I just got blank stares. When I finally pointed them out my husband said, “Oh, yeah.” And my son asked, “Can I play with them?”

The next morning I went to the Women’s Bible Study at my church. I barely got in the door before five different women who I see once, maybe twice a week mentioned my glasses and complimented me on them.

This a great illustration of one of the differences between men and women. If the game’s on, most men wouldn’t notice the glasses let alone that the house was burning down around them. On the other hand, women would notice the new glasses even if their their team was down by one point and in possession of the ball with 13 seconds left on the clock and the house was burning down around them. Am I right ladies? Guys, especially my dear husband and son, I’m not bashing you. We’re just different, that’s all. It’s O.K. to be different.

Shabby Apple

I came across the Shabby Apple on line recently. I love their pretty, feminine dresses. And they’re as easy to wear as they are cute.

Owners Emily and CK started Shabby Apple when they couldn’t find stylish dresses that were still modest and comfortable to wear. And they were tired of having to wear tank tops underneath everything for extra coverage. While the word modest might make you think frumpy, their designs are anything but.

Click here to view larger image

I love Buttoned-Up with pin tucking detail on the bodice.

Click here to view larger image

How about Duck Beach with the flirty bow? Perfect for a spring stroll in the park.

Click here to view larger image
Wow them at night in Sabrina. Black satin with a tulle slip peeking out below. In the back Satin-covered buttons unbutton all the way down to the waist.

I like Shabby Applebecause their dresses are classic and subtle, but still stylish and sexy. At 32 with a toddler in tow, I’d look ridiculous dressed like Lindsey Lohan. But I don’t want to dress like my grandmother either. It seems like it’s difficult to find anything in between these days.

I’m definitely adding Shabby Apple to my shopping list this spring!

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4 Responses to “Girl Talk: New Glasses and Cute Dresses”

  1. acupofjoy Says:

    I LOVE your new glasses! So chic! Fabulous!

    Isn’t Shabby Apple great? I found them awhile ago and love them. I haven’t purchased anything from them…yet, but it is fun to dream. 🙂

  2. Jack's Mommy Says:

    I use to wear glasses – in fact, i had “bad eyes” from age 5 (heavy astigmatism and nearsightedness) and required strong prescription glasses all through school (and unfortunately, my parents were NOT the type who understood that large grey plastic frames didn’t win any popularity points). In 8th grade I got contacts, which I wore (BUT HATED) all through high school… i couldnt wear them for more than an hour without my eyes become irritated & inflamed. oh vanity of vanities – many days I went to school almost blind because i couldnt wear the contacts but refused to wear my glasses. After high school graduation though and the peer pressure left, i threw away the contacts and wore my glasses all the time.

    Then in March of 2005 I had LASIK done (which is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself). That gave me 20/25 vision…and i woke up for weeks after and would start crying because i could see my face in the mirror or could see the clock or some other little marvelous thing with my “new eyes”! 🙂

    and…LOL!!! i agree that men are like that completely! a few months after kevin and I married, I got a sudden urge to do a makeover – so I dyed my long, light brown, blonde streaked hair a really dark, dark chestnut color. I then proceeded to curl it and put on some really nice short jammies that i just KNEW my hubby would adore. He came in from work…and low & behold, he noticed NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING.

    Not even the jammies. 😦 lol I fumed for hours at the injustice. haha

  3. Jack's Mommy Says:

    oh – PS… i LOVE your frames! i was never able to “pull off” anything that cool. that shape frame would have done horrors to my face…but it frames your face beautifully!

  4. realworldmartha Says:

    When I was going down the post I saw the old glasses and thought oh I think some darker sqaure frames would be good. Then I saw your new glasses and was like Yeah those! They look terrific!

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