Introducing Girl Talk, Living with Boys and Why I am Obsessed with Pink

girl-talk-copy.jpgI live in a house with a three year old boy and a thirty year old man. There’s a lot of grunting, swaggering and strange bodily functions. And that’s just the 30 year old.

My son is working on potty training right now. I have to tell you, I really never wanted to know that much about male bathroom habits. And we’ve had one too many discourses about what a penis is, what it does and why you should just leave “it” alone unless you’re peeing. Of course I haven’t told him the whole story of what “it” does. I think that can wait a few years.

Dont get me wrong. I love having a son. At this age he’s still teetering between being a rambunctious boy and that sweet little baby I once held. The glimpse I get into the male psyche every day is fascinating as I try to be his playmate and function in his boy world. Watching him grow and develop has taught me a lot about what makes these male creatures tick. One moment I can see the snips and snails and puppy dog tails. But in an instant he’s as sweet as sugar, curled up on my lap for a long snuggle saying, “Mommie, I love you, ” as he sighs contentedly and relaxes into my arms. He can be as tender as he is tough. As vulnerable as he is strong.

Oh, but some days, I think it might be nice to have a little girl to even out the score. And this time of year especially, there’s a little part of me that longs for a girl. Why? So I can buy all those frilly, flowery, polka-dotted, pink confections that they sell in the children’s clothing department in the spring. I loved to wear dresses like that when I was little. If they made them in my size, I probably still would. (O.K., so I’d look ridiculous. Like a big, pink Goodyear blimp, but I’d feel like a princess.) And to have a tea party! And dress up dolls and sip from delicate china cups. The closest I get now is telling my son that if he doesn’t stop slamming his teddy bear over the head with his sippey cup the lid will fly off and make a mess.

My husband says I am obsessed with all things pink. I admit it. I am obsessed. Last week I bought some household cleaner  just because it was pink. Did it clean well? Turns out it did, but that really wasn’t in my top three reasons for picking it up off the shelf at the time. It also has a cute label and smells good. (Marketing executives love me.)Sometimes, I just need to surround myself with pink, feminine things. Something to take me out of wiping up the splatters around the toilet and sliding across the kitchen floor on Matchbox cars.

So all that to say Thursday’s at Mommie Daze are going to be reserved for some Girl Talk. A day to revel in all things pink and female and poofy. Put on your tiara, grab your fanciest mug, fill it up with some sickeningly sweet chocolate-flavored coffee drink, and join me for some Girl Talk.


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3 Responses to “Introducing Girl Talk, Living with Boys and Why I am Obsessed with Pink”

  1. Tessera Says:

    Hmmmm . . . guess you wouldn’t be interested in making a trade? As a current stay at home due to circumstances not of my chosing 40-something dad, I would love to have a son. Don’t get me wrong, my life is pretty good and I am enjoying almost every part of it. However, it is dominated by estrogen – 10 and 7 year old girls, a female puppy . . . heck, I suspect even the fish are female. I like to think I am not into traditional gender behavior identification, and most folks who know me would say I have a good balance of ying and yang, but lets face it – guys and girls are different. And, to be honest, there are some things I would rather not know about.

    Often asked if we would like another , I enthusiastically reply ‘no, we may have another girl’.

    I will sit back, sip my coffee, and keep reading – hopefully I will learn something that will help me understand ‘them’ better.

  2. acupofjoy Says:

    This is a great idea…”Girl Talk”. Have you considered doing a Mr. Linky for this? I’d love to participate with you! 🙂

  3. GinaLaughed Says:

    I *heart* pink too! I live in a house with my dh and my son plus my dd who is more bohemian than girlie. I’m the only girlie in this house and I love it! Do you use Firefox? If so, here are two fun pinks for you…

    Pink Theme

    Pink Tabs

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