Girl Talk: Secret Messages and Ripe Fruit

Treasure Rings

I came across this new ring design in a magazine ad and loved them so much I had to look them up on line. Tammy Kohl, owner and designer of Takohl, created these Treasure Rings. The ring looks like a simple band, but a special hidden hinge allows the ring to open up and reveal an engraved message.

Engraved rings have been around for a long time, but there’s something so romantic about a “secret message”. I think it would make such a sweet wedding ring. The price is a little steep for our budget with a classic sterling silver ring starting at $495 with out any jewels. I already have a wedding ring and it’s too late for our 10th anniversary, but a girl can dream can’t she?


Pink Colored Glasses

Well, I told you last week I was obsessed with pink. I got to thinking I know a lot of women and girls out there who like pink. Why, I wondered? Is it just because some fashionista convinced us all that pink is a haute color? Nope! Not according to some researches who got together and did a study on this very question. They claim our feminine affinity for pink comes from a natural instinct to choose ripe fruit. Yep. Sometime back before Whole Foods and Super Walmart the women were in charge of searching out that food group while men hunted for meat. So we developed an eye for pinkish, reddish, purplish colors that usually signal good fruit. Hmmm. So that’s why I’m so drawn to the pink Apple IPod!

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2 Responses to “Girl Talk: Secret Messages and Ripe Fruit”

  1. realworldmartha Says:

    That ring is cute. Hey I have been married for 14 years but I am already planning my 25th wedding anniversary party 🙂

  2. acupofjoy Says:

    Love the rings, too! I showed my husband hinting at what a great future anniversary gift this would be.

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