Wednesdays for Wives: Sometimes Love Means Airing your Laundry

Today for the first time since last fall I hung my laundry out to dry. It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s breezy and there’s no rain in site. There’s just something about freshly washed laundry hung neatly out to dry, dancing in the wind. It’s the quintessential symbol of the art of homemaking. Art? Oh, yes. It takes special skill, creativity and love to create a home that is comfortable, warm and sheltering for its residents.

Homemaking can also be a lot of work. When I’m hanging out the laundry I often think of the women a few generations back that had it much harder than me. They spent hours scrubbing clothes on wash boards over tubs or in streams.  I just take my wet clothes out of an automated washing machine. And if it was cold or damp outside they didn’t have the option to use the dryer instead, like I do.

I may have it easier, but I still have a lot in common with those wives and mothers of the past. Sure some of it is about basic survival, but most of it is about love. Every simple task from scouring the bath tub down to clipping that clothes pin on the line is a demonstration of my love for my family. By caring for our home and creating a healthy environment to thrive in, I’m caring for them. It’s why you and I work so hard, and put so much effort into it and it’s why women have been doing it for centuries. Whether you work outside the home also or only as a homemaker, don’t ever think household tasks are meaningless. Don’t believe your accomplishments are any less important than the executives on Wall Street. Taking good care of your family and home is priceless.


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2 Responses to “Wednesdays for Wives: Sometimes Love Means Airing your Laundry”

  1. misty Says:

    you made me want to go scour my bathtub! I found myself jealous about being unable to air laundry and then, as I kept reading I found my perspective of the gross household tasks to be better! 🙂 Thanks for that! (and your tips for the rebate check are great and on the nose, though I would be with you on that flight to Hawaii! )

  2. Donna Says:

    Wish I had thought of it like that years ago.
    Donna H

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