Girl Talk: A Hairy Situation

The days are getting warmer and that means reaching in the back of your closet to pull out those capris, shorts and bathing suits. That also means shaving your legs almost every day. If you live in a climate where winter requires long pants and tall boots to stay warm, you probably welcome the seasonal reprieve from daily hair removal.

When I complain about shaving my legs to my husband he’s unsympathetic, saying men have to shave their faces every day. If only it were that simple. First of all, he doesn’t always shave everyday. And if he does got out in public exposing an unshaven face, he isn’t greeted with looks of horror and disgust.

We women have to shave a good one- half of our body. It’s a lot of work, contorting into strange positions in a small bath stall to reach everything. And it can be time consuming. It also adds up to a lot of nics and razor burn over the years. How is it that a cut you didn’t even feel and can’t see, bleeds so much you wonder if you might need to visit an ER?

Well, I’ve tried a few alternatives to shaving over the years. Most with bad and/or painful results. The worst occurred when I was nine months pregnant. I pretty much quit shaving those last couple months of gestation, because it was virtually impossible to bend and twist my over-inflated body into a pretzel in the shower. Then I was scheduled for a C-Section. With the date looming, I got crazy and started worrying about how I’d look in the hospital. I painted my toe nails, brought a nice new bath robe and slippers and decided I had to do something about all the hair on my legs. I made the fateful choice to try Nair. Slick it on, wash it off. Easy, right? 

Bad idea. Apparently I am allergic to Nair, because I ended up with a painful, itchy, burning rash all up and down my lower appendages. It kept me up all night, and I had to cover myself in hydro-cortisone cream the day before surgery to get some relief. When the rash went down I was still all stubbly.

Of course, now I realize the doctor’s attention was probably more focused on my exposed uterus than on my not-so-smooth legs. And once once I was blissed out Vicodin afterwards, I could barely keep my eyes open let alone remember whether or not my legs needed shaving.

A few weeks ago, I was going to shave and realized the blade on my women’s Schick Quattro was dull. I also discovered I was out of replacements. Those replacement blades are ridiculously over-priced BTW. I saw my husband’s Gillette Fusion sitting on the sink. Yes, I’ve heard you shouldn’t use your husband’s razor on your legs. But a quick check in the medicine cabinet revealed that he had plenty of extra blades to replace the one I was about to ruin.

I was worried maybe his razor would be too sharp and cut me, or maybe it wouldn’t glide right over the bumpy skin on my knees. After all, the commercials tell us how women’s razors are made especially for our curvy, delicate legs.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It worked like a dream. With more, thinner, sharper blades it cut faster and closer. When I finished I was nic free, even on my knees. The men who manufacture razors have been holding out on us, saving the best technology for themselves. Meanwhile we’ve been slaving away, weak from blood loss with sore backs.

Hey, give us the same razor, just make it pink!

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2 Responses to “Girl Talk: A Hairy Situation”

  1. Mindy Says:

    hey, i use quattro too! they are too expensive. it KILLS me to have to buy the replacements, so i just use the blades over and over and over. ugh! i need to look into a new one that isn’t so expensive.

  2. Scarlett Says:

    I use the Venus, which works well but geeeeez. Half the time I end up sitting on the floor of the shower with my legs up against the wall to shave them, and the rest of the time I do them in the sink.

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