Wednesdays for Wives: Got any Good Ideas?

A friend, older and much wiser, told me this week about the unique way she and her husband settled the issue of gift-giving for special occasions through out the year.

Every year at Christmas this couple buys each other one big (i.e. expensive) gift. Then that covers all the other days through out the year like their anniversary and birthdays. Instead of a bunch of small so-so gifts, they each get one nice gift that they really wanted. They aren’t with out a present to unwrap on each occasion, however. Bringing a whole new meaning to the word re-gifting, tongue-in-cheek, they re-wrap and re-exchange the same two gifts all year long.

I thought that was a great budget-wise idea, and a humorous way to take the pressure off of getting your spouse just the right thing every time.

Have you and your husband come up with a unique way of handling something in your marriage, be it gift-giving or conflict resolution? Please share it with us. Leave a comment or post about it on your blog and link back here. If you write a post, leave a comment letting us know where to find it.

Have something to say yourself on the topic of marriage? Why not be a guest writer for Wednesdays for Wives? Send an email to  about the topic you’d like to blog about, and a little bit about yourself and your marriage. I’d love to have some guy guest writers as well as gals.


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3 Responses to “Wednesdays for Wives: Got any Good Ideas?”

  1. lieblingartcrafts Says:

    My hubby and I give each other “lists” when a big day is coming up. I go on the web, find all the cute things I want and he does the same. We then have a “pool” of items to choose for each other ranging from inexpensive to insane. It works pretty well, and the idea of making our wish lists made us both feel like kids again!


  2. TheDeeZone Says:

    Our gifts depend on the year. Since we are anticipating a move next year I have been asking for things like trips. For my husband I often combine all of his presents for the year into one big gift. His b-day, our anniversary and Christmas all are with-in a 2 week period.

    This year is our 10th anniversary and we have decided to combine all gifts for the year for that.

  3. travelnooks Says:

    Sounds like a great idea there! Me and the wife just sorta nudge each other when gift-giving dates are coming up.

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