Girl Talk: Perk Me Up

I can’t start my day with out at least 2 cups of coffee. I like to sip it in my pajamas, and watch the morning news. If I skip that part of my A.M. routine, the rest of my day just doesn’t feel right.  Sometimes I have a cup for a pick-me-up in the afternoon. And there’s nothing better than some girl talk with friends over a good cup of coffee. I love the smell, I love the taste and I love the caffeine. Here’s some “girlie” things to make your coffee break even more enjoyable.

Perk your coffee in this pretty pink coffee maker from Cuisinart.

Like to grind your own fresh coffee from beans? I love this pink retro coffee mill from Kitchen Aide.

You’ll feel glamorous even if you are still in your PJs when you drink your coffee from a high heel shoe mug. Choose from several styles at the High Heel Shoe Museum on-line store. (I know, I know! High Heel Shoe Museum? I’ll save that for next week’s post.)

Savor a yummy cup of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee from Ghirardelli.


Happy percolating!

Want to join in on some Girl Talk? Post about anything girlie on your blog, let’s keep it PG-13 at least, and link back to this post. Don’t forget to sign the Mr. Linky form below and enter your post permalink. Feel free to grab the Girl Talk button and use it on your blog. I post this once a week on Thursdays, usually in the afternoon when my son is sleeping. You can link up any time between now and next Wednesday.


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4 Responses to “Girl Talk: Perk Me Up”

  1. acupofjoy Says:

    So fun! I can’t wait to read about the high heel shoe museum!

  2. girlymama Says:

    seriously. i want that coffee pot like nobodys business.

    that and the pink kitchenaid mixer!!!

  3. mindy Says:

    hey!!! i want to have a coffee break with girl talk with you! 🙂 i miss our girl talk. 🙂 i have to have coffee in the morning too. it just doesn’t feel right if i don’t.

  4. Twisted Cinderella Says:

    I love coffee! I am on decaf for the pregnancy but for me a lot of it is about the experience of sitting there with that nice hot cup of coffee in my hand, drinking that soothing warm drink and taking a few minutes to pamper myself to just cuddle up and enjoy my coffee.

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