Wednesdays for Wives: 1930’s Marital Rating Scale

I found this article, Husbands, Rate your Wives about the Marital Rating Scale – Wife’s Chart on Monitor on Psychology from the American Psychological Association. It’s a test developed in the 1930’s by Psychologist George W. Crane that was supposed to help couples determine the health of their marriage. Humorous and insightful, it’s a look at how expectations for wives have changed over the last 8 decades. It will give you a chuckle, and probably make you glad times have changed.


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One Response to “Wednesdays for Wives: 1930’s Marital Rating Scale”

  1. acupofjoy Says:

    That was a good chuckle! I’ll be sharing that one with my husband. Times sure have changed. This would have been during the times our Great Grandmother’s were wives. I was trying to think of some equivalents for today, and that would be so difficult to come up with a standard because families are so varied now. Many married couples both work outside the home. You would need a few different sets of rating scales today. One for the working couple. One for the S.A.M. and I could think of a few more.

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