Girl Talk: How Does Your Garden Grow?





It’s spring, and one of my favorite things about this time of year is shopping for pretty flowers to fill my flowerbeds with. This year I’ve let my obsession with pink run wild, and I’ve been snapping up a lot of flowers in that shade. I started quite a few from seed since it’s more economical. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping by late June I’ll have lots of lush blooms. Here are some of my favorite varieties of pink flowers. Some I have, and some are on my wish list.

I love Peonies. They’re so beautiful and fragrant. This one is called Monsieur Martin Cahuzac. Buy it on-line from Pernell Gerver’s. Peonies are cold-hardy perennials that bloom generally in May and June.

Dianthus, also called Pinks or Sweet William, are another one of my favorites to plant.

These Sweet Williams from Gurney’s are hardy in zones 4-8. They have a spicy sent, similar to cloves. Their dainty blooms are so lady like. One site said a gift of Sweet William indicates yearning and wish for a smile from the recipient.

What garden is complete with out roses? Old-fashion cabbage roses are so romantic.

This Centifolia or Cabbage Rose dates from before 1500 and grows in zones 4-9. Get it from Heirloom Roses.

Zinnias have long been a staple in cutting gardens. Annuals, they are easy to start from seed and produce lots of color through late summer and early fall. I planted this Candy Stripe variety this spring. They are a nice change from the usual solid color Zinnias. Seed packets are available from Park Seed. These are also very inexpensive. You get a lot of bloom for your buck!









Look at the size of these flowers! With their huge blooms Dinner Plate Dahlias are a garden show stopper.

I found these Emory Paul Dinner Plates at Van Bourgondien. (They’re on clearance right now! There’s still time to plant them.) The bulbs are hardy only in zones 8-10. In colder climates they will bloom from July to frost, then you will have to dig up the bulbs and store them for the winter.

What are some of your favorite flowers to grow? Leave a comment and share.

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One Response to “Girl Talk: How Does Your Garden Grow?”

  1. Monique Says:

    Beautiful flowers! I’m not really into gardening myself, though I’d love to eventually have a few potted herbs for cooking with. I love those Sweet Williams, my mom used to have some in her garden and they are so full of blooms! Love ’em!

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