Cookie of the Week: Oreos





We’re in the middle of some big outdoor projects around our house this week, so I don’t have time to bake cookies. When it comes to store bought, my favorite, by far, are Oreo Cookies.

A package of Oreos doesn’t last very long around here. I tell myself I’m going to to just eat two, but two becomes four, then six, and then there’s still a little milk left in my mug so I need to eat at least a couple more… They came out with that re-sealable package recently. What’s the point? As if there are any Oreos left to re-seal.

I love the Double Stuff Oreos. I mean we all know the cream in the middle is the real reason we eat them. But if your watching the scale, buy the original. I like to call those “Diet Oreos.” I think you can eat three of those for the same amount of calories as two of the Double Stuff.

It seems that Oreo eating is programed into our basic DNA. It’s instinctual. My son was a little over a year old when I gave him his first Oreo. Without any instruction, he pulled the cookie apart, licked the creamy center off, then ate the chocolate wafers.

It would be fun to hear how you eat your Oreos. Plain or with milk? Do you eat them whole? Or do you pull them apart? What do you eat first? The cream or the wafer? Please leave a comment and let me know.


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3 Responses to “Cookie of the Week: Oreos”

  1. amy Says:

    i, too, love the oreo. they are a special treat in this houses, and we just happened to buy a bag on monday. i am savoring them. i have to have them with milk. and i leave them in the milk until just before they fall apart. yum.

  2. joyfulnotes Says:

    I love the Double Stuffs…straight from the fridge and dipped into cold milk…MMM

  3. acupofjoy Says:

    I love Oreos! You know something about Australia…yes, they do have Oreos…but something happens to them in their travels to the store shelves here. They just don’t taste like what I know from America.

    And another thing…I can’t find any Pop Tarts here (hint hint) ;).

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