Tweet, Tweet! I’m On, Are You On?

I’m trying out Twitter. Why, I don’t know, because I’m starting to realize that my daily life isn’t really interesting enough for Twitter. But everybody else is doing it. Yeah, yeah, if everyone else jumped off a bridge would you? Well, that depends on how high, who else jumped and if I was attached to a bungee cord or not.

I never did get on MySpace, and I was way behind getting a Facebook page, so I thought I’d try getting on board a new trend before is wasn’t trendy anymore. And I just couldn’t resist trying out this new thing called “microblogging”. So if you want to follow me on Twitter, go here. Prepare to be unamazed! If you have a Twitter account and want me to follow you, send me an invitation. I’m sorely lacking people to follow since I don’t think anyone I know has a Twitter account. Or sign up for a new account and come Twitter with me.


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One Response to “Tweet, Tweet! I’m On, Are You On?”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I’m twittering, too! (Feel free to follow “dschink”) It’s interesting if you find interesting people to follow. Personally, I am hooked up with a bunch of ed tech people, with a few “common mommies” thrown in. I find the “common mommy” comments usually more interesting and relevant to my life! I’m going over there right now to follow you. (-:

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