Can I get a Kiddie Size No-Caf Mocha Skinny Latte in a Sippy Cup?

My son, David, has seen me every morning, practically since birth, with a cup of coffee in my hand. When I was allowed to eat solid food again in the hospital after my C-Section, coffee was one of the first things I ordered from the cafeteria. I’d been drinking decaf for nine months and was ready for something stronger. (Hospital food has made great advances BTW. At this particular hospital they have a menu to order “room service” from that includes everything from Prime Rib to Lucky Charms. It was fantastic! Add in the 24 hour nanny service and house keeping nursing care and the shower with a comfy seat in it, and, honestly, I didn’t want to leave. I think I’ll do just fine in the nursing home someday.)

Anyway, it was inevitable that David would taste a sip or two of coffee as a tot. Several times I’ve caught him slurping from my mug. I like to add lots of Splenda and skim to my coffee, so it’s pretty sweet and he loves it. To anyone who doesn’t like coffee, I say you just don’t put enough sweetener in it. Coffee is just like chocolate. You wouldn’t like chocolate either if it wasn’t sweetened. (Ooh, coffee and chocolate. They go so well together. Espresso and a Hershey bar, that’ll get you hopped up.)

Well, David was begging me for a sip yesterday. Now, I’m not stupid enough to give a three and a half year old a mug of coffee. More than two sips of the high octane stuff, and I’d have to tie him down to keep him from climbing the walls. (With the exception of the caffeine though, coffee is actually good for you. It’s loaded with antioxidants.) So being the responsible parent that I am, I brewed a pot of decaff for him. (I keep a can of unleaded on hand for those night time coffee cravings.) I filled his little Oscar the Grouch mug with coffee, enough skim to cool it off and stirred in some Splenda. He knocked it back like a shot of whisky, slammed the mug down on the table, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and and asked for more.

Does Starbucks have a Kid’s menu?


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2 Responses to “Can I get a Kiddie Size No-Caf Mocha Skinny Latte in a Sippy Cup?”

  1. Dad Says:

    Your mother says she never gave you any coffee when you were a child.

  2. acupofjoy Says:

    Ha! You gave me the giggles with this story! I’m looking forward to sharing this one with my nephew’s uncle!

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