Keep Your Pants On!

If you follow me here, you know I’ve been working on potty training my three year-old David. We have made some progress this month. In fact, he almost always makes it to the toilet to pee now.

We’ve been spending a lot the warm days out in the back yard in the pool. A couple times when we were out there, he told me he had to go. Not wanting to carry a dripping wet toddler up to the porch and through the house to the toilet and risk an accident, I let him go in a well concealed area behind the grape vine. This is a lot easier to do if you have a boy and live out in the country.

Well, this morning it was too cool to get in the pool. He was riding his tricycle and I was hanging laundry. I had one shirt left to get on the line when he said, “Mommy, I have to pee.”

“Can you wait 30 seconds for me to get this up? Then we’ll go in.” I got the shirt hung, then turned around to see him standing in the drive way with his pants down around his ankles, watering the lawn.

“What are you doing?”

“I went potty.”

“But I told you to wait and we’d go inside.”

“Sometimes you let me go outside.”

“Yes, when you’re in the pool and behind a bush where no one can see you!”

Thank goodness the neighbors weren’t outside this morning.


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3 Responses to “Keep Your Pants On!”

  1. Loved New Says:

    Oh I feel your pain with this one… my son and his cousin are very close in age and play together often. Well my nephew is used to living in the country, and his dad is a hunter so peeing outside is a daily event. We however live in townhouses…. so one day I had him over to play with my son and noticed that they were being kind of quiet… I looked outside and found them in a small patch of trees that separates the townhouses… and both of them had their little ones pulled out and were peeing side by side. I yelled so loud that it made both of them jump… I said, “What are you guys doing??? No!!! We do not do that outside!!! There is a bathroom right here!!!” My nephew said, “We’re in the woods!?!?”

  2. Kim @ What's That Smell? Says:

    Oh my gosh!

    When my son was 3 and potty training he had this weird interest in peeing on the driveway. We know why….our 2 dogs sometimes got lazy and peed on the driveway.

    We had to really watch him because he would either sneak out and go or just drop trow while we were outside playing.

    The funniest time came when my MIL caught him standing inside the house with thedoor open leaving a puddle right outside the door.


  3. Julie Says:

    You should have told me you were coming to FW zoo! 🙂 We love it and are there many a weekend! The FW Children’s zoo was voted one of the top 10 kids zoos in America. Next time you’re heading this way, let us know!

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