Looking for Love with all the Wrong Search Terms

My son is worn out and taking a super long nap, so I have lots of time to blog today.

I get a real kick sometimes out of the search engine terms people use to find my blog. Here’s some of the best from the last couple weeks.

nutritional value of a Whoopie Pie – Like they have any!

Christmas to-do list – Who’s the over-organized person starting to plan for Christmas in June?

girdlegirl– What?

date me 2008 online free site Chile – Huh?

steps for a husband to follow – Steps for what? Murdering your wife and getting away with it?

And finally…

myt hot mommie

mommie seduction


Bet those guys were disappointed.


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6 Responses to “Looking for Love with all the Wrong Search Terms”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    That must have been my wife. Not looking for hot soccer moms! She’s just about gotten Christmas done already.

  2. Audrey Says:

    I am laughing so hard. It’s so funn what phrases will sometimes bring folks to our sites and our blogs. I found you from the mom blogs 🙂

  3. Angel Says:

    I am ready to burst into laughter… Thanks for sharing ))) adorable

  4. happyathome Says:

    Hey… I start Christmas in March! Keeps the budget a little lean and buy it when I see it makes it easier then last minute. Although there are always a few you just can’t put your finger on what to get. Anyway….the hotsoccermom is so out now, they need to get with the times!

  5. Kim @ What's That Smell? Says:

    How funny!

    I always mean to post about this but never have!

    One time someone found us by typing in “the patron saint of plumbing”….Lori posted once about her plumbing problems and jokingly implored the patron saint of plumbing to help her. Apparently she’s not the only one!

  6. Jack's Mommy Says:

    “And finally…myt hot mommie ..mommie seduction..hotsoccermom.com
    Bet those guys were disappointed.”

    …I dunno.. The little black and white lady cartoon is pretty sexy. They may have been fetishy. 🙂

    One time I had a search term for “pigs in underwear”.

    I don’t even WANNA know what guy was behind that one.

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