Wednesdays for Wives: Take the 1930’s Marriage Test

A few weeks ago I posted about the 1930’s Marital Rating Test that caused a sensation all over the web when Monitor on Psychology from the American Psychological Association put it on their site. Well, now you can take the entire test on-line here, and find out how you’d rate 80 years ago. I did manage to get a superior score, but missed very superior by 7 points. Mostly due to my penchant for wearing pajamas, I think. Anyway, it’s good for another chuckle. Men can take the husband’s test too.


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!


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6 Responses to “Wednesdays for Wives: Take the 1930’s Marriage Test”

  1. happyathome Says:

    I scored 62, superior. Must have been the profanity and pajamas question….

  2. misty Says:

    I am a 92, which I was shocked by. Some of the questions (crooked seam on nylons???) were ridiculous, but I was sure I would fail! Thanks, that was fun!

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    As a husband: 93.

    I don’t know if that is good or bad.

  4. Loved New Says:

    Yeah… somehow I got an 84… I don’t even fall into the “superior wife” category by today’s standards!!!
    “Reacts with pleasure and delight to marital congress.”
    That one cracked me up!!!

  5. Wednesdays for Wives: Waiting for Half Time « Mommie Daze Says:

    […] I am totally uninspired today when it comes to finding a subject for Wednesdays for Wives. I feel like the Cleveland Indians in a summer slump. (Sports reference courtesy of watching ESPN with my husband the other night.) I would have come up blank last week too if someone hadn’t published that on-line 1930’s Marriage Test. […]

  6. Michelle Says:

    What a fun test! I was rolling my eyes at some of the questions, and honestly a bit convicted by others. I scored a 91, but I think I could have been a little more honest about my rough spots… it’s interesting to see how many of the important things back then are still important now, like not being a whiner!!

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