All is Too Quiet on the Mommie Front

I woke up on my own this morning at 7:30.

I went out to a quiet living room, fixed some coffee and oatmeal.

I watched the news and actually heard what they were saying.

I caught up on all my blog reading.

And now, at 11 a.m., I am officially bored and missing him.

My son went to Indiana last night after the fireworks to spend a few days with his grandparents. I was looking forward to today. I thought I’d sleep as long as I pleased, but was bright-eyed and bushy tailed at 7:30. (My husband however has taken full advantage and is still snoozing.)

I thought I’d like the peaceful morning. No spilled cereal to wipe up. There’s no potty training to tackle. I don’t even have any housework to do since I did it all before the 4th.

I thought maybe I’d go some place fun, but can’t think of anywhere that I especially want to go.

Oh, when my husband wakes up, if he doesn’t sleep straight through ’til tomorrow, I’ll enjoy spending some rare alone time with him. And I will feel relaxed and refreshed tomorrow. Ready to face another day of potty training.

But I still miss my son. There was no big bear hug and slobbery kiss this morning. No, “Mommy, I love you!” I haven’t heard any laughter or delighted shrieking. I feel all out of sorts not having to my usual mommie responsibilities to do. I can’t remember what life was like with out him.

I remember when my son was a baby and there were hundreds of feedings and diaper changes and very little sleeping, I was thrilled to leave him in the care of a trusted someone else, even for an hour. I would watch the clock and count the minutes until I could escape the grind of new motherhood.

Then, one day, that little blob started to smile back when I would smile. And now almost four years later we have full-blown conversations, and he makes jokes and he teases and even comforts and empathizes sometimes. Yes, babies are sweet and precious, but I love these pre-school years. It’s amazing to watch his little personality develop. It seems like every day I learn something new about what he does or doesn’t like, or what makes him tick. We don’t just have a one-sided relationship anymore. When I say, “I love you,” he says it back, and means it.

He’ll be back tomorrow, and I’ll be telling him to stop jumping on the couch and chasing the dogs with a Nerf bat. It won’t be quiet, and there will be plenty of messes to clean up. But sometime tomorrow, in the midst of all the craziness, he’ll stop for a minute and flash me one of those big, bright, sparkly smiles that fills my heart heat so full it could burst. And it will all be worth it.


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8 Responses to “All is Too Quiet on the Mommie Front”

  1. Dad Says:

    He woke up just as we got in the drive. What time? You do the math for the trip, plus the wait to get out after fireworks. I don’t know when grandma got him back to sleep. I turned on the TV to watch my taped news and fell asleep. He jumped on the bed and woke me up about 8:30
    this morning. He’s been to Shipshe for a pretzel at Jo Jo’s, and been around 6-mile and 7-mile curve twice; and seen the horse at Dad’s Toys.
    He discovered the extension cords in the closet and has them all connected, including an adaptor, strectching fifty feet and lying all around the family room; but NOT plugged into anything. They are now at the school playground. Maybe I can mow grass for a few minutes. And Grandma gave him cookies and milk for breakfast. He IS an answer to my prayers. Now get your husband out of bed and drag him to the mall to
    shop for women’s clothing. That will teach him to sleep so late.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Ok Dad – I love that you read the blog AND POSTED A COMMENT!

    Yes, I HATE that “physically not being able to sleep in anymore” thing. I used to be able to sleep until 10 or 11 am. Now I just wake up. And once the brain starts turning, it’s all over!

    In a week, the just-turned-7 year old gets to go with G&G as the older one did when SHE turned 7. My parents have no house – they live in a 44 foot travel trailer and cruise the country, which they’ve been doing now for 13 years, so it’s quite a treat to travel with G&G! Except because of scheduling, she’ll be gone for 3+ weeks!

    Mostly I’m looking forward to some quality time with the just-turned-9 year old, but I’m sure I’ll miss the other one at some point. Then again, last year when they both went to camp for a week, I missed them after one day. This summer, it took 3 days to miss them. At that rate, I won’t miss them at all next year!

  3. domesticspaz Says:

    This post made me warm and squishy inside.

    I, however, can sleep. Forever. 🙂 It’s in my bones and I don’t think 10 children would make it go away!

  4. Jo Says:

    From a granny’s perspective, it is an immense joy having them around for weekends and holidays, and also a relief handing them back to Mom and Dad after having spoiled them some.

  5. Deborah Says:

    Aunty Bobbie has been missing her nephew! When can she have a turn? How about sending him over for a week? What’s that? Mom and Dad want to come to? Well, I can understand that, after all…Australia is a LONG way for a three year old to go alone. Sure…come! We miss you!

  6. Loved New Says:

    My husband can sleep anywhere anytime… it doesn’t matter if there are kids running around or if all he has to lay his head on is a rock… he can make it happen. I resent him tremendously for it! There will be days… long days… where we are both exhausted and then all of a sudden I find him asleep on the family room floor. Why can’t I do that???
    We love it when we get a chance for some alone time without the kids… but then the end of the day comes and you settle into bed… and it just doesn’t feel right. The kids aren’t in their beds. There was no goodnight kisses. That’s when I realize that I need the goodnight rituals just as much as they do.

  7. happyathome Says:

    Funny how you think you need and brake and won’t miss them for a short period of time but you also get in to a routine and realize you miss that routine! A small reality check is a good thing and a brake is too!

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    […] By Myself I have a dilemma much like I had last Saturday, only this time my husband isn’t even […]

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