College Reunion

I spent yesterday afternoon and with two of my best friends from college and their families. You can visit their blogs here and here. The three of us girls, (Can we still call ourselves “girls” 10 years later?) roomed together one year. We all married our college sweethearts, and have young children now. One friend lives in Florida, and it was seven years since we’d all been together last. We had a great time catching up, meeting each other’s kids, and watching them play together.

We met at a restaurant, and I have to tell you, I had second thoughts when I realized between all of us we have four kids, ages six and younger, and three of them are boys. In my mind I pictured all the boys jousting with forks, leaping over tables, and trying to tie up the little girl with the tablecloth. But the kids we’re just fine, and no one got hurt. Well, except my husband who had a cup of milk spilled in his lap, and somehow sustained a cut on his finger.

After dinner we went to a nearby park where the kids could play and the moms could talk. We kind of left the dads on their own to watch the kids while we chatted. But it had been seven years. The boys had lots of fun running around together. My friend’s little girl is the sweetest thing. Such a contrast to those rambunctious boys. She was so lady-like, sitting with her little hands folded in her lap. A little too young to get involved in the boy’s hi jinx, she just smiled and laughed at them. I’m sure she was quietly wondering what on earth was wrong with those crazy boys.

Here’s some photos. I’m photographically challenged, so it turns out that I had the camera on the wrong setting the entire time. Sorry if they’re a little dark and fuzzy. (I also need to upgrade my old 3.1 mega pixel camera. I’m saving my pennies. Literally. I have a change jar that’s my new camera fund.)

My friend with her little girl. Her husband had to work that day so he couldn’t join us.

My friend from Florida with her husband and two boys. You’ll notice that the older boy is giving his mother bunny ears. I think he got in a little trouble for that.

Now I’m actually going to post a picture of myself. Something I try not to do, because I never like pictures of myself. Here’s the three of us “girls”. I’m on the far right. (Is 33 too young for me to get a chin lift?)

And all the kids. See how the girl is sitting so nicely while the boys are just all over the place? My son is the kid in the orange shirt.

And finally, a group shot. My husband is the guy on the far right. (Please tell me that this a bad angle, the camera adds 10 pounds, and my hips really aren’t the wide. I’m slouching. Why am I slouching? See, this is why I don’t do pictures.)

Well, my poor photography skills and body image aside, we had a great day. Hopefully it’s not another seven years before we all see each other again. And next time, I think I’ll bring my own lighting and professional photographer.


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One Response to “College Reunion”

  1. happyathome Says:

    Hey, the pictures are great! As for the camera, I am on the same boat as you, putting together a camera fund because I hate the 5 second delay my camera has where it takes 25 shots to come close to the right one you need!

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