Slash your Grocery Bills with Angel Food Ministries

Gas prices are still going up. Food prices are on the rise. We may have to tap the kid’s college fund to heat the house this winter. (Ha! As if there’s a college fund. I haven’t finished paying off my higher education yet.) If I think about it all too long, I get a little dizzy and have visions of the world coming to an end.

When it comes to gas and energy costs, all you can really do is stop traveling, and turn down the thermostat. But a family still has to eat. The good news is that there is some relief when it comes to food costs.

Angel Food Ministries is a non-profit organization that provides affordable groceries to families all over the country. For $30 dollars you can purchase one unit of food that is enough to feed a family of four for about a week. The actual retail value of the food is between $60 and $75. The menu is different every month, and includes both fresh and frozen items. You can purchase as many you units as you want, and there are no income restrictions.

We started participating in the Angel Food program last fall when I learned about it from my MOPS group. It’s saved us quite a bit of money, and I was pleasantly surprised by the items on each month’s menu. Everything from steak to chicken to pork chops. Even convenient and kid friendly foods like tater tots, mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.

Since the menu does change each time, there are months that the packages include more foods we like, and some months when everything doesn’t always fit out tastes. We take advantage of the months when the menu is full of foods that are popular at our house by ordering several units, and filling up our deep freezer and cupboards. Then the next month we might order less. We do still have to buy a few things at the market each week, but we definitely spend a lot less on food purchases.

I know some people might be reluctant to participate, because it sounds too much like a charity. But here’s the thing. Anyone that wants to save money on groceries can participate. It doesn’t matter if you make ten-thousand or a hundred-thousand a year. We could still get by doing all our shopping at the supermarket, but it doesn’t make sense when we can do this, and free up extra cash for any number of things each month.

Now, there are people who participate in the Angel Food program, because it’s the only way they can feed their family every month. There’s nothing wrong with seeking out help when you need it. Besides saving money, I feel like by participating we’re helping to support the program to make sure it’s around for the people who really need it to make ends meet each month. There are also quite a few people who order Angel Food packages to give to someone else who is in need. Thirty dollars a month is a pretty do-able amount for many of us to put toward helping out another family.

I really encourage you to go to the Angel Food website and check it out. You can put in your zip code and find a program near you. Many are located at churches, but you don’t have to attend the church to participate. Give it a try, and see if it works for your family. Even if you don’t participate, spread the word. You never know who might benefit from the program.

Can’t find a program near you? Go here to see how you can get one started in your community.

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One Response to “Slash your Grocery Bills with Angel Food Ministries”

  1. Kenyatta Says:

    This is an awsome program. If you don’t mind, I would like to blog about it too. It is really a blessing!

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