Wednesdays for Wives: Waiting for Half Time

I am totally uninspired today when it comes to finding a subject for Wednesdays for Wives. I feel like the Cleveland Indians in a summer slump. (Sports reference courtesy of watching ESPN with my husband the other night.) I would have come up blank last week too if someone hadn’t published that on-line 1930’s Marriage Test.


Sports — husband — I have a story brewing in my head now, but I can’t think of a point to tie it into neatly. Oh, well. I’ll just start telling it, and maybe I can bring it around home in the end.

I’m not really into sports. I don’t have any athletic ability. I was the kid who threw herself in front of the ball during elementary school dodgeball games, so that I could spend the rest of gym class watching from the sidelines. Occasionally I’ll watch a college basketball or football game on TV if I like one of the teams that’s playing. ESPN with all it’s stats and scores is Greek to me. What I really don’t get is ESPN Classic. Aren’t sports exciting mainly because you don’t know how the game is going to end? It’s the whole Any-Given-Sunday thing, right?

“What are you watching?”

“Dallas at Pittsburgh.” (If it’s impossible for Dallas and Pittsburgh to ever actually meet, sorry. I’m taking some poetic license here, and don’t know what I’m talking about.)

“In June? I thought football season was over, and why is it snowing?”

“It’s the ’82 playoff game. Dallas wins with a 40 yard field goal with less than a second on the clock during a huge snow storm.”

“Why are you watching it if you already know who’s going to win?”

“It’s historic.”

O.K. Well, my idea of historic is a documentary about the sinking of the Titanic on the HISTORY channel. But, whatever.

I know a lot of wives don’t like it when their husbands watch sports on TV. Mine actually doesn’t that often, but when he does turn on a game or ESPN, I’ve stopped complaining. Oh, it’s still boring and I don’t understand most of what’s happening. And it’s not because I’m just being a kind wife. It’s because I know that by half time or the fourth inning or the 6th hole, he’ll get bored and change the channel or go do something else. Unless the game is close, it doesn’t hold his interest that long. So, instead of complaining and arguing, I just wait it out.

Now for the point…

I think I should apply the wait-and-see approach more often. I know I complain and start arguments that could have been avoided had I only waited for more information or events to play themselves out. Sometimes it’s better to keep my opinions to myself, and trust my husband to work it out. I don’t know all the plays he’s going to call, and I don’t always agree with them, but somehow he usually comes out on top.

I watched ESPN with with my husband long enough the other night for me to pick up that baseball reference, the inspiration for this entire post. It wasn’t long before he’d heard enough scores. Then we watched one of our favorite shows together on the DVR.

I guess you’d call that a win-win.


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3 Responses to “Wednesdays for Wives: Waiting for Half Time”

  1. David Says:

    That was a great game in ’82 😉 !!! I hate when people make faces at you on the computer. Don’t you?

  2. happyathome Says:

    Give and take sista…..give and take! About the only sport I enjoy is baseball, and I can watch any team, but of course rooting for the NY Yankees. Everything elses seems to be a waste of TV time, give me BBC America and something amusing to watch or Ramsey’s Kitchen nightmares, on BBC America of course. The Version shown on the US affiliate is not as good.

  3. Michelle Says:

    I find this a really insightful point. I have noticed this with my child as well. My instinct is to say “no no” and “stop that”, but if I can just bite my tongue for a couple of seconds, he’ll stop on his own. And that’s just less nagging for everyone, and more of a reason to listen when I do say something. Less is truly more.

    (of course, I’m talking about annoying little things, not running into traffic or anything like that.)

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