Some Random Thoughts and a Few Questions

I’m tired of it raining almost every single day this summer. Global warming, climate change, El Nino, La Nina — whatever it is please just move the jet stream. 3 1/2 year old boys need to be exercised outside daily. I’m going crazy here!

I’m wondering what our neighbors are suspiciously burning in a barrel in their backyard every morning. Life in the country ain’t what it use to be.

Is it strange that two of my son’s favorite TV shows, Wordgirl and The Mighty B, have girls as the main characters? And why do most of the kid’s shows with main characters that are male make the boys out to be bumbling fools who only get things right by chance?

Am I the only one who thinks Oprah has gone completely off her rocker lately?

Why is it so hard for a 3 1/2 year old boy to poop in the potty?

Fireflies are a beautiful miracle of nature. I’ve seen them every summer for 33 years, and am still as delighted by them now as I was as a young child. How creative is God to come up with a creature like that? Would you in a million years have believed a bug could have a light bulb in it’s bum if you hadn’t seen it first? Hey Bobbie, do they have Fireflies in Australia?

My son just informed me that his ears are growing. I may need to investigate this.

What did SAHM’s do all day before blogging?

Oh, yeah. HOUSEWORK!


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4 Responses to “Some Random Thoughts and a Few Questions”

  1. Monique Says:

    My 3 1/2 yr old girl has the same problem with the potty. I give her some books, a stuffed animal to hug and make her cry until she poops on the darn potty some days… lol. For her I think it’s the sitting down factor, when she wore diapers she always stood to do her #2 business… so it’s hard for her to do it sitting.

    And what did SAHM’s do before blogging? Watch soap operas and eat bon-bons? LOL…

    Have a great day, thanks for the wonderful read! 🙂

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    I am pretty sure your day is busy enough. Blogging can’t take too much time out of your days.

    I am also sure that the days can get pretty tough due to the genuine lack of adult interaction.

  3. mindy Says:

    i have pretty much given up on oprah. i was starting to feel guilty watching her. some of the stuff she has had on is cuckoo! she seems to be really getting into the new age stuff. i just get a weird feeling from her. i totally understand. i haven’t watched her in a few months now.

  4. acupofjoy Says:

    Fireflies…ah! I remember those! I miss them! None here, Mate! Uncle will be so fascinated by them! I can’t wait for him to experience a field flickering with fireflies! – Bobbie

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