Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: If the Slipper Fits

“Mommie, when you were Cinderella, Daddy carried you.”

“When I was Cinderella?”

“Uh-huh. You had on that dress that was like this.” With his hands David draws an invisible rectangle from his waist to the floor.

“When was I wearing a dress like that?”

“In that picture. And Daddy’s carrying you. Like a baby.”

Finally the light comes on. “Oh, you’re talking about the pictures from our wedding that we were looking at yesterday. From the day Daddy and Mommie got married. Yes, there’s a picture of Daddy picking me up and carrying me. It’s just something silly people do when they get married.”

“Yeah, and you were Cinderella.”

“Oh, well, I’m just wearing my fancy wedding dress, I wasn’t — You know what? I was Cinderella. Yes, yes I was.”

At least someone in this house recognizes my royal status!


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7 Responses to “Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: If the Slipper Fits”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    As long as you didn’t drive off in an old pumpkin!

  2. happyathome Says:

    Oh the simpleness is wonderful, and if we could always get those types of comments, conversations or compliments in daily. I am waiting for those conversations with my daughter, heck I am waiting to fully understand my daughter!
    FYI, I am launching my new blog design this week so stay tuned, it is nicey nice!

  3. Dad Says:

    Who are those 2 people? I don’t recognize either one. Maybe 10 years makes a diffference.

  4. Loved New Says:

    I love it. My son found a picture of my husband and I on our wedding day and thought it was “cute”… he insisted that it be in his room on his shelf. So… there it sits.

  5. Cass Says:

    Oh, that is the cutest thing. May you always feel like Cinderella!

  6. Jack's Mommy Says:

    blogging is an awesome tool to record all of those “what was said when the kids were little…” moments! if you don’t already, you should start printing these things out and keep them in a book for your son. 🙂 I’m trying to do that for jack…one day, when they’re grown, all of these cute, cute memories will escape us. Having them actually written down is beyond awesome!

  7. acupofjoy Says:

    So sweet! I agree with my nephew! His Mommy sure was Cinderella that day! Don’t ever deny it!

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