Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weirder Out There?

Seen at WalMart:

Two middle-aged men, in cut-off shorts and shirts that did not begin life as tank tops, playing that video game where you pretend to hunt animals with joysticks that look like shotguns. I can not tell you how surreal that was.

Seen on the street in my little town:

A man at a crosswalk bending down to pick something up, and exposing pants that had fallen well below his waiste when his T-shirt rode up. There was a FULL MOON! At first my thought was that he needed to invest in a belt. It was an hour or so later before it dawned on me that there should have at least been some Fruit-of-the-Loom under there!


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3 Responses to “Is it Just Me or is it Getting Weirder Out There?”

  1. Cass Says:

    Hahaha! Let me share an embarrassing moment. A few weeks ago, my oldest son split his pants at the playground. When he blushes, it’s on both sets of cheeks. Which is way more than I, and all the other people there, needed to know!

  2. Shirley Says:

    You poor thing! I’ll send you something to wash out your eyes!

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    Those are the reason I have vowed to keep my camera with me at all times. No better blog post that either of those two pictures.

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