Girl Talk: Does Your UPS Man Know what You Look Like without Your Make-up On?

I didn’t get Girl Talk posted last Thursday, because my parents were coming to visit, and I was knee deep in housework. Housework takes three times as long when you have a three-year-old boy going behind you un-doing everything you just picked up and straightened. Oy!

This week I’ve been hunkered down at home working on some other projects, and taking care of a sick husband.

So I haven’t gone out much the last few days except for a couple quick trips to the store to replenish the milk supply. Speaking of milk, did you ever think you’d see the day that a gallon of milk and a gallon of gas were roughly the same price? Are the milking machines running on Premium now or what?

When I’m just at home and have no plans to go out, I have to admit I don’t exactly take the time get gussied up. Don’t worry. I do shower regularly, and change my underwear. But I let my hair just air dry, and the most make-up that goes on is a pre-emptive layer of Oil of Olay. That always comes back to bite me when I do end having to run out of the house unexpectedly, or answer the door for the UPS man.


What I am taking the long way around to get to is this.

What’s the minimum amount of primping you’ll leave the house with? I have a few rules.

1. My hair must be combed and mostly laying right.

2. My clothes must be presentable. No ill-fitting or stained clothes, and absolutely no pajama pants. I can not stand it when I see people out shopping in their pjs, and yes, even their fuzzy slippers! Don’t they at least own some sweats and pair of flip-flops? Really!

3. Mascara. I can go out with out lipstick, eyeshadow, even foundation, but I just feel naked with out my Great Lash.

So how about you? What are your minimum requirements for leaving the confines of your house?

Talk to me Girls.


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4 Responses to “Girl Talk: Does Your UPS Man Know what You Look Like without Your Make-up On?”

  1. LIsa Says:

    oh yeah girl…i could have written your post, great lash and all!

  2. Michelle Says:

    I wear a lot of… well, I guess you would say, workout clothes, though you shouldn’t be fooled, there’s no working out going on over here. I have a lot of cute stretchy t shirts and tennis/golf skirts with the shorts attached. With the temps up so high, that’s pretty much my uniform.

    And if I let my hair air dry, or more often, just slept on it wet, I pull it back in a ponytail. I do make sure the front of my hair (bangs, sort of) looks presentable, but as for my funky ponytail, well… you only see that as I walk away…

    A good several days of washing my face has cleared it up, so the Oil of Olay with SPF works for me, and a bit of lip gloss covers a multitude of sins. I do try to remember to wear a bit of makeup on the weekends if I’m going to go out and see people or have them over.

    Oh, and never forget to stand up really straight, just like Mom taught ya. This doesn’t technically fit the bill for your question, but try it! You’ll be amazed!!

  3. Debbie Says:

    What an interesting blog question! Let’s see – my standards are pretty low, I think. My hair must be combed, or at least LOOK combed (sometimes I’ll get away with just a headband or pony-tail, but that’s rare). I must be wearing shoes unless the kids missed the bus and I am just running them to school, in which case I’ve been known to drive in my slippers. I’ve even driven to school in PJ’s with a coat over them, but I would never wear PJ’s out shopping. That’s just wrong!

    I don’t really own too many ill-fitting clothes, and the only stained ones I keep are my painting clothes, but I WILL run to the store in them if I am in the middle of a project. Ironing clothes is optional, and mostly dependent on if I feel like doing it, much to my mother-in-law’s consternation.

    Make-up? What’s that?! The only regular makeup I wear is liner and shadow on the days I’m waitressing (which is never in the summer). I stay away from mascara on work days because I am too lazy to take it off and end up with dark circles under my eyes the next day. I do like the full make-up routine (not including foundation; I rarely if ever use foundation) if we are going out somewhere nice and I want to feel extra special and put together. But I am blessed with a husband who hates make-up and repeatedly tells me I look better without it. Since I’m not usually out to impress people and I don’t need to impress him, I rarely bother!

    Thanks for the opportunity to confess all!

  4. acupofjoy Says:

    Must brush hair. Something on my lips…gloss or chapstick. Definitely get dressed…pjs are a no-no. Here in Brissy everyone goes barefoot…or flip-flops. I’ll take the flip-flops. I can’t shake the “no shirt, no shoes, no service” mantra from America. These Aussie Queenslanders never heard of such a thing. I’m still learning not to stare at those bare feet in public places. Again…reminding myself that I am the foreigner.

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