100 Things

This seems to be a common writing exercise I’ve seen on other blogs, so I thought I’d give it a try. You may not care to know 100 things about me. In that case, don’t read it.

100 Things About Me

1.I’m a wife.

2.I’m a mom.

3.I’m a Christian.

4.My favorite color is pink.

5.I do genealogy research as a hobby.

6.I like to act in plays.

7.I am an only child.

8.I am shy around people I don’t know.

9.I don’t like to be the center of attention unless I’m on stage.

10.I am a Republican.

11.I have two dogs and two cats.

12.I like dogs better than cats.

13.I can’t sing, but really wish I could.

14.My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

15.My least favorite movie is Lord of the Rings.

16.My favorite book is Gone with the Wind.

17.I like to read historical fiction.

18.I like to read biographies.

19.I majored in Communications.

20.I wish I’d majored in Drama.

21.My favorite beverage is coffee.

22.My favorite thing about coffee is the caffeine.

23.I took piano lessons, but never got very good at it.

24.I took guitar lessons, same as piano.

25.My favorite meal is pasta.

26.My favorite snack is chocolate.

27.If I were a crayon, I’d be a black crayon because it’s slimming.

28.I like to swim.

29.Summer is my favorite season.

30.I like to go to the beach.

31.I dye my hair.

32.I have never gone skiing.

33.The hyacinth is my favorite flower.

34.I don’t like wearing a watch.

35.I usually feel like I don’t fit in with most people.

36.I am terrible at small talk.

37.I don’t like math.

38.I am a good writer.

39.I am a bad speller.

40.I like to cook.

41.I like to ride roller coasters.

42.I am interested in American Civil War history.

43.I collect antiques.

44.I attend Richland Bible Church.

45.I was a pastor’s kid.

46.I graduated from Bethel College.

47.I am an anytime-of-the-day-person, except early morning.

48.I don’t like contact with the outside world before 9 a.m.

49.The world is better off not greeting me before 9 a.m.

50.I am not afraid to get old.

51.I am not afraid to die.

52.I liked turning 30. I felt like I was finally grown up.

53.I like to watch T.V. even though they say it’s bad for you.

54.My favorite T.V. show on right now is The Office.

55.I think the best TV show ever was MASH.

56.I once spoke to Alan Alda on the sidewalk in New York City.

57.I think TIVO is the greatest thing ever!

58.I like college Basketball.

59.I cheer for I.U.

60.I miss Bobbie Knight.

61.I like college football.

62.I cheer for Notre Dame.

63.I am embarassed to be a Notre Dame fan right now.

64.I miss Lou Holtz.

65.I don’t watch much NFL, but I want the Bears to win.

66.I hate baseball unless the Cubs have a chance to be in the World Series

67.I don’t like NBA basketball much. (Sorry, Aaron.)

68.I am a good listener.

69.Arrogance is the quality I most dislike in a person.

70.The quality I most like in someone is honesty about who they are and what they say.

71.I think a sense of humor and the ability to find humor in all things in life, even when they aren’t that funny, helps you cope with a lot of stuff.

72.I have a profound sense of fairness. Life is not fair, but I always want it to be, and have a hard time understanding why people can’t just be fair to eachother. It would solve a lot of problems.

73.I am not competitive.

74.I don’t like confrontation.

75.I like to wear sandles. If it didn’t snow here, I’d wear them all year.

76.I live in Michigan.

77.I was born in Ohio.

78.I consider Indiana where I spent most of my childhood “home”.

79.I wish I lived in Hawaii.

80.I like to watch it rain.

81.My favorite sound is when it’s warm outside and the windows are open and you can here the neighborhood children laughing and playing outside. It reminds me of being a kid.

82.I had imaginary friends as a child.

83.Sometimes I long for the simplicity and innocence of childhood.

84.I love seeing the world new again through the eyes of my two-year-old son.

85.I wish I could protect my son so he wouldn’t loose his innocence.

86.I know I have to let him grow up and live life for himself.

87.I love when the fireflys are out on a summer’s evening.

88.I like to garden.

89.I like to shop.

90.I once owned 45 pairs of shoes.

91.I don’t know how to dance.

92.I don’t drink alcohol.

93.I wear make-up, but not lipstick ususally.

94.I have never found a lipstick that will stay on, even though it promises to be long-wearing, so why bother?

95.I think Pantyhose are made to run on purpose, so you always have to buy more.

96.I like high heels, but usually opt for comfortable shoes.

97.I like dresses, but don’t wear them much because they are impractical.

98.When I was a little girl I would get mad if I had to wear pants.

99.I have gotten more practical with age.

100.My guilty pleasure is watching The Young and the Restless every day.


One Response to “100 Things”

  1. Anna Says:

    I love your list! What a neat idea. I enjoyed your blog and am bookmarking you. Thank you, too, for entering my contest at Mommy in the Mountains!

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