Girl Talk

Thursday’s at Mommie Daze are reserved for some Girl Talk. A day to revel in all things pink and female and poofy. Put on your tiara, grab your fanciest mug, fill it up with some sickeningly sweet chocolate-flavored coffee drink, and join me for some Girl Talk.

The Long, Long Saga of a Very, Very Bad Hair Day in Podunk

The Evils of Bathing Suits

Isn’t that Cute

Fight the Poof

A Man’s Solution to a Woman’s Problem and a Shameful Confession

Bath Time

Go Retro

Relax in Some Cute PJS

How Does your Garden Grow

High Heel Shoe Museum

Perk Me Up

You Raise Me Up

Birthdays, It’s a Numbers Game

A Hairy Situation

Secret Messages and Ripe Fruit

Cute Dresses and New Glasses

Introducing Girl Talk, Living with Boys and Why I am Obsessed with Pink


5 Responses to “Girl Talk”

  1. Bloggy Giveaways: Girlie Stuff « Mommie Daze Says:

    […] the new meme I’m starting on Thursdays. I’m inviting you to join me each week for some Girl Talk. Grab a cup of coffee, put on your tiara and blog about all things frilly, pink, poofy and girlie. […]

  2. Monique’s Scrappin’ Blog! » Blog Archive » Need a basic blog? Need a reason to blog? Says:

    […] Daze – brings us Girl Talk! Talk about anything girly on your blog and share a link to your post with the author of this blog […]

  3. Aloha Friday - I Meme Do You? « A Cup of Joy Says:

    […] depends on the Meme.  Here are three of my favorites:  Girl Talk Thursday, Aloha Friday (of course), My Walk […]

  4. Summer Chiller: Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream with Blueberry Sauce « Mommie Daze Says:

    […] been on summer vacation for a few days. I never did get around to doing last Thursday’s Girl Talk. And I didn’t plan ahead for this week’s Summer Chiller. When I finally decided I […]

  5. Bloggy Giveaways - Country Charm Pot Holders « A Cup of Joy Says:

    […] Thursdays, I enjoy some Girl Talk with Mommie Daze…now we girls can win some fabulous swag each […]

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